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New Business Name

bransonboybransonboy subscriber Posts: 5
edited October 2007 in Selecting a Business
I decided to close my business a while back and now I am going to start a new one. The business will consist of - Graphic Design, Website Design, Web Hosting, Computer Repair, Computing Building, Networking, Photography and a Record Agency.
What do you think of the following names, I can`t chose, what would you recommend? if you don`t like any below - please state any helpful names.
1 - Vizor
2 - Mystic
3 - Zarox
Really hope someone can come up with a catchy name.
Thanks to anyone who replies!


  • bransonboybransonboy subscriber Posts: 5
    I don`t really know what you mean?
    I am just really looking for a catchy and effective name.
    Thanks for the help so far.
  • Jaun22Jaun22 subscriber Posts: 0
    I would look for a domain that fits your idea. That way you can have both the name and the medium locked in.
  • micsimonianmicsimonian subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi  Bransonboy
    Check the name availability in you state make sure no other individual is using that name
  • bransonboybransonboy subscriber Posts: 5
    One Problem With That
    I am in the UK hehe.
  • mmichudammichuda subscriber Posts: 4
    There is a logical approach to this.  First off you want the domain name to be the same as your biz.  Stick with a .com (dont bother with .net .us or anything else).  Should be short and should describe your actual biz.  I dont know how to describe your biz cause it looks like your planning on doing everything under the sun, which throws up a red flag for me right off the bat.  I would chose only a couple ideas that overlap and stick with that.  What does a Record Agency have to do with Computer Building???  Your ambition is great but dont let it get you into trouble.  There is not one person on earth that could be considered a professional in all the areas you listed.  Now Website Design & Web Hosting makes sense to do both cause of the tremendous overlap and synergy your business might gain from this.  I am a computer engineer and normally in IT you pick a specific narrow area to focus on cause this industry is very challenging to even the brightest people.  What your doing is starting 10 businesses under one name.  Mark my words this will not work.
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