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Business Plan Question

NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
edited August 2006 in Business Planning
Hello Sunnies,Well, here is a question that I haven`t seen any postings on, and perhaps someone out there that is going through the same challenges as I am right now can help me a little bit.Here is the scenario:When I started my company I didn`t create a full business plan of the company, what I did was I created a simple one sheet plan of what I called "MY GOALS LIST", The reason why I did this is because after doing research on how to write a business plan, I didn`t want to fluff up (forecast) numbers in the business plan or feel depressed if I didn`t meet any of my goals, so my goals list is what I used to get the business started. I wanted all the information in the business plan to have a real foundation composed of real numbers and a more structured scense of where the business was headed. After a year and a half into the business after gathering all the information I collected from my first year in business I was able to create a rock solid business plan with real numbers, Marketing strategies, and so forth. Once I hit my two and a half year margin, I incorporated and transfered all my assets to the corporation and one thing I never expected was to split the company into two entities under the corporation. Out of my small start up company I have Nuevolution Web Designs and Consulting and Nuevohost Business Hosting Solutions. My question is; Do I write a separate business plan for each company or do I go back to my main business plan and edit it?What would you do???


  • ryanwithanrryanwithanr subscriber Posts: 1
    Nuevolution:I think it depends on what you`re going after. Business plans are important for two reasons. Giving your business vision and direction, and generating investment capital to grow.If you are looking for something to give you vision, I would revise the plan as a corporation. Within the plan disect the corporation and sub-plan your subsidiaries.I may do something different if I were obtaining financing, especially if you wanted money to grow just your hosting business or design business. Ultimately though, I think it`s important to plan for your entire corporation.Business plans should really never be done. You should always be revising and adjusting your information according to your growth and progress. You never know, one day you may decide to have a third subsidiary, you will want revised numbers and information for all the companies under your corporation.My only question is, both companies are so closley related as far as them being almost complimentary to eachother. Why split them? There are hosting companies all over that offer web design. Just a thought, I don`t know if it will really make a difference on your planning or presentation."A business plan is never complete"
  • ryanwithanrryanwithanr subscriber Posts: 1
    By the way, I visited your site. Looks like everything is tied into one. One suggestion: You should get rid of the blinking links.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Well the reason why we are splitting the company`s is because, we were having problems with our clients. In a few incidents, they didn`t want to web host with us. because we where the designers, others didn`t feel comfortable having their eggs in one basket. Last to see where most of the money is coming from. In other words just to separate the company`s assets... What is web hosting stays with web hosting.. whats with web design, stays with web design. You can think of it as structure, and also to compete in the web hosting business and offer alternative web hosting solutions.
  • tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I am new to all of this, (I bought the business that I have now in Jan 06), but I believe that you would need two business plans that then flow to one business vision.  It sounds as if the "two" business while complementing each other are seperate business, are they not?  Example, my wife and I have the detailing business, my wife sells Mary K, we have a health drink business, and a product sales business.  The product sales business is for detailing supplies, while it complements my detailing business it is seperate, for my wife the people that she markets to for Mary K, are people that want to look and feel their best, so we cross market the health dring, again complementing but seperate.  By folding both of your companies under one corperate umbrella, you can in effect use one business plan for both companies by changing the key elements of that business plan to suite the clients and customers of each compnay. 
    Also, it is a smart idea to seperate them so that you dont have "all your eggs in one basket"
  • worsley3000worsley3000 subscriber Posts: 1
    hi people i am starting a bissnuss can some one give me a out line of a bissnuss plan thanks tom

         i am new
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