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Machinist in MI to build custom die cutter

gobretailgobretail subscriber Posts: 1
My name is Ryan Johnson and I am one of the owners of G.O.B. Retail: Copy and Print Game Center in Madison Heights. Our store specializes in print on demand printing for books and custom cards. We were the first company in the world to pioneer and launch a professional POD printing service for custom game cards.
That said, we are a small company faced with a challenge. The small table top die cutting machine we use presently in the production of those POD cards is grossly inefficient and really designed for low volume scrap booking type of usage. We use it all day, most days, cutting sheets of playing cards. We need something that is more efficient, but such a machine does not exist in the marketplace. We have worked up a design for a semi autonated machine that will fit out needs.
We are now seeking a machinist with small machine building/repair experience to help us construct our new die cutter. This would be a short term contract for the purpose of creating a working prototype, with the potential for a longer term maintanence contract. Additionally, the new die cutter design has multiple applications for small print and copy shops, so future potential exists for an agreement to build additional machines in the future, once the prototype gets all the kinks worked out of it and is made ready for general production and sale to the print industry.
If interested, contact Ryan to set up an appointment to duscuss the project in further detail.
Ryan S. Johnson

Guild of Blades Retail Group - Copy & Print Game Center
28736 John R Rd (2 blocks S. of 12 mile)
Madison Heights, MI - 248-430-4980 http://www.gobretail.com
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