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FunPiper.com wants to be reviewed

ajiteshajitesh subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Website Critique
Hi,Could you please review our portal FunPiper.com ( http://www.funpiper.com ) and let us know what you think?thanks & regards,Ajitesh
ajitesh2007-8-1 7:2:26


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I will give this site a rare 10 in my book.  It loaded quickly and I understood the concept in just a few moments and had no difficulty navigating.From a business perspective, your localization should go even further.  In the US, for example, down to the states.  I would also like to see a category for upcoming events.  I would limit it, though, to members posting their plans.  For example, later this month I will be going to watch a fireworks demo in Hew Hampshire.  I am sure that others might like to go to it also.
  • joshchristyjoshchristy subscriber Posts: 2
    pretty decent site, i would tie together the site a little more with some more graphic work. Make it a little less of a template look and a custom look to your brand image.I agree with Videography that it would nice to be  able to drill down to specific events that are pertanent to me.What is your business model on the site?
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Ajitesh could you please let us know what you changed from the last time you posted a review post, so the review means more to you.
  • ajiteshajitesh subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi,FunPiper.com went through lot of changes since last time some of which are following:1. Look and feel2. Positioning3. Performance4. Features enabled by scripting such as Post Online5. Blog inclusionWe are working on increasing the user interactivity of the website and also include features such as image/video upload.Thank you all very much for your suggestions. We will working on them, especially, localization.Ajitesh
  • ajiteshajitesh subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Craig,We are innovating Weekend Planning with our portal, FunPiper.com. And, we chose micro blogging (refer twitter) as enabler of our vision. Imagine yourself planning your weekend at FunPiper.com while browsing various weekend fun posts and reading customised weekend deals/offers by various vendors at various location (revenue pitch in here through subscription). Advertisement is other revenue model.As we have launched around a month back, we are working on various features including localization.Thanks for reviewing my portal. I got some valuable insight.Ajitesh
  • ajiteshajitesh subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Craig,From Twitter style, I meant Micro blogging that a famous portal in US, http://www.twitter.com has adopted. Micro blogging which short message style blogging is catching up fast. And, yes, useful comments Craig. Make sense to me.Stay tuned and let me know if you have other comments.ThanksAjitesh
  • ajiteshajitesh subscriber Posts: 2
    thanks Garythat was a great suggestion. However, funpiper originated from the very idea of spreading the fun and followers following you due to you being so live and a person who has great fun. You are correct in saying that I have Indian connection but I envision to make a place for fun. And, I have already noted down the portal looking like a template. Let me see how soon I address this issue. Thanks once again!
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