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Any feedback on my classified site Telists.com?

elhaddarelhaddar subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Website Critique
Hi guys,
I`m new to this forum, I started this post because I really need some feedback from you about my free classifieds site. My site is www.telists.com covers 50 US states and more than 360 regions. I offer free ads on 38 different categories. The paid section covers Featured and Highlited ads and a 468x60 banner ads. Your ad will go online instantly. the site has many other features. just have a look and give me suggestions please.


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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I think your site is great. I can help by providing my services: please view my message below:

    The OP asked for critique.  Not for a pitch for your services.  Besides, you said the website is great, so why would they need your help?
    The website is not "great".  The landing page is cluttered, it rambles and there is no compelling benefit demonstrated.  I can place my ad there.  So what?  I can do that on Craigslist and probably get a whole lot more response for my efforts.  Why are you different from Craigslist and dozens of other more focused classified sites?
    What does the photo in the banner have to do with classified listings?  It looks like Fidel Castro on a bad hair day, or a bum off the street.  Also, the "recently uploaded" photos?  Why are these here?  If I want to see photos of an ugly kitten I`ll search Google for them.  If you have to have a showcase photo, at least put them in the area of interest.  Like, put the hairless cat in the pets section, not on the home page.
    Steve Mann
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