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Okay everyone...I could use a hand.  My first post regarding my new website did very well.  I was told to just about change everything.  LOL
I have changed from ALL CAPS to normal, I have added better pictures (necklaces/pendants) with more to come.
I have changed to color, amount of buttons on the left, wording and just about everything.
Would love some outlook and help.
Best Regards
Many Thanks


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    Thanks so much. I am still trying to get used to the picture box. Some of the pics I already sold the original and once ordered, I will replace the old pic.
    Thanks Again.  Now lets see if it pays off.  LOL

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    Thank You so much Craig.  I appreciate your time and effort with me.
    I will look into the Google Analytics for sure.
    We hope sales will start!! 
    Best Regards
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