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Hi All...Been at packaging search - calling, writing, reading, samples, etc.for past month.  I`m sure you can all identify!  My two young adult kidletslive in NYC and are gently (kinda`) encouraging the production of a foodcereal product I`ve been making for a gizillion years.   It`s all organic - havelocal stores who are interested already - but the packaging is still an issue.I`ve read all your forums - been to most of the sites, but still no luck.Basically I`m looking for an 8 or 12 oz. kraft bag - bottom gussetted - withwindow that is resealable/self-seal/press `n seal/tear notch at top.  It`s alsoreferred to as a "stand up pouch" and I`d like to be as earth friendly aspossible.  I found one at Pacific Bag but they don`t do windows on it.Tin tie closures unfortunately will not work as product must be keptcrunchy.   I also hope to buy within the U. S. - just feels like a goodthing!  My dream is to provide a wonderful food product we`ve allenjoyed while leaving little or no footprints on the planet.  Thanks inadvance for any suggestions or recommendations.     CCDGirl
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