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Gift Service Business - Feedback

bboybboy subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Business Planning
Hi -
I have been contracted by a client who is seeking consulting advice on a small business idea and the development of the website.
The vision of her service (as far as I understand) is to provide men with a one-stop shopping experience where they can easily and quickly purchase a meaningful and unique gift that has all the characteristics that are important to women.  The idea is based on the premise that men do not have the time or desire to shop, generally do not know what women like, and would prefer a gift that comes packaged beautifully realizing this is as important as the gift to most women.  This business is focusing on upscale clients where time, quality and presentation are of utmost importance. 
The company is currently named Edyee (pronounced Eddy) and I built a quick prototype of a landing page for one of the packages.  (Please do not try to order anything as the PayPal is linked to my account
It can be found at the www.edyee.com
I appreciate any feedback that I can present to my client.  Thanks for the help.


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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Are you looking for feedback on the web page?
    or the business concept
    or the featured gift package
    What type of consulting advice is your client seeking?
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    bboybboy subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi robertj
    Mainly, the business concept but the featured package as well. The webpage is currently just a prototype of a landing page for one of the packages that I built rather quickly and does not even have full product names or descriptions. Of course, any feedback is welcome.
    The client wants to know if this appears to be a viable business venture before fully investing in a website - especially on the e-commerce side.  I know she sells gift packages locally but I was a little hesitant as I do not know how well the presentation will hold during shipping or if the shipping costs may make them too expensive.    
    Obviously, i am still trying to sell her on the idea that all businesses should have a website these days.
    Thank you.
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    You have certainly identified a key question -shipping/delivery.
    With an ASP of $170 - the cost of shipping should not be a biggie. However, she needs to be clear about the packaging and packing process to ensure that the gift arrives intact and properly presented.
    There may be several "business" questions that need to be addressed, followed by some market research before the ecommerce web site becomes the primary consideration.robertj2007-11-27 10:8:26
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    smallbizcoachsmallbizcoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Your job is to build her a website. Her job a long time ago should`ve been to figure out if this was a good idea or not. This is the same person that will blame you if it doesn`t work. I would be really careful about moving further with this client. People like this believe the whole "Build it and they will come" theory and treat you as the bad guy when that doesn`t happen yet they aren`t willing to put any money into it on SEO, Adwords, etc.
    Best of luck!
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    businessbymittiebusinessbymittie subscriber Posts: 1
    I would love to get a gift bag like that, all except the cd.
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