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I am the owner of a music label group that is currently looking for investment.  We are capital ready and are distributed by Sony Music and digitally through I.O.D.A.(Independent Online Distribution Alliance)  For the last 5 months me and my partner have been meeting with investors.  But due to the economic climate it has been very difficult.  I thought I would post and see if anyone had any ideas on looking for a consultant or perhaps a law firm that deals with entertainment investment.  Our business plan is solid, we have great resources, we just need the capital.  I appreciate any thoughts or ideas.


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    I was in the music business for years.  In all due respect I need to know more about your company in detail than we can talk.
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    If you have been meeting with investors for the past 5 months without any interest or results, then probably one (or more) of the following needs to be addressed:

    Everything is not completely Capital Ready
    You are not approaching the "right" capital sources.
    Your "deal" isn`t "right" for the people you talk to.
    If you want to discuss the specifics of your situation (in confidence) send me a message using [email protected]</A>
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    Hello Marcelt and Robert J.
    I appreciate both of you taking the time to read and reply to my post.  Marcelt if you are interested in hearing details about our company feel free to drop me an e-mail at edward (at)  Robert I appreciate your offer and will send you an e-mail as I am interested in discussing the particulars of my situation. 
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    Dear Eddie
    My name is Riccardo Lecchi and i am partner and managing director of  Strategic Advisors Holding S.A. Via Lugano 2 Ponte Tresa -Switzerland, a financial advisor engaged in corporate finance, project finance and partner of a private equity fund investing in highly performing well established businesses.Also, given the right conditions we would be able to set up industry private equity fund. You may wish to visit our corporate web site
    In order to know if and how we could be able to help you of course we would need more information. Please contact me to set up a telephone appointment
    Riccardo Lecchi   

    [email protected]

    +41 79 824 7081
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