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Does it want to make you try it?

EdLEdL subscriber Posts: 3
edited December 2006 in Website Critique
This website is about 5 months old.
If you were in the market for accounting software would you download the 30-day free trial? Why yes? Why no? All suggestions would be most appreciated


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    The copywriting on the front page is decent but not mind-catching. It`s all about what your business does, and only slightly focused on what you offer. Sit down for a few hours and think about what your company really offers.
    Think about what a grocery store "offers" ... and what a grocery store "does". A grocery store "offers" decent prices, fresh food, good service. A grocery store "does" purchasing, strategy, management, banking, etc. Customers don`t care about that side of the equation. They only care about the "offer" side of the equation.
    Off the top of my head.
    "The easier way to manage accounting..." This is generic. It`s been said by so many businesses that people likely won`t pay attention. You need something mind-catching. Even provactive. Let`s think about something inappropriate but unforgettable. "Spend more time having sex and less time balancing the books." That`s an extreme example of what you "offer". Dudley Moore was in a movie where he played a somewhat hapless advertising executive. His mind-catching phrase for a Jaguar advertisement was "For men who want to have sex with beautiful women they hardly know." That`s mind-catching. I`m certainly not suggesting that you use inappropriate language for the context, but you get the idea.
    The product names themselves are also generic. "Small Business Accounting Software" is a product category. Not a great name for a product. People quickly forget the generic. You need a coined name ... something catchy and memorable.
    "RealEasyBooks: our mottos." [I don`t understand the point of this. It`s all about you, not about the problem you solve or need you meet.]
    "Accounting software is easy. In RealEasyBooks the software does the accounting. You only enter the transactions." [I don`t understand why you say this? Is this important? Isn`t it self-evident?]
    "Most transactions are repetitive. You enter repetitive transactions with one key or by just typing the $ amount." [I don`t understand why you say this? Is this a feature? This doesn`t make me want to download.]
    Again. Your site copywriting is very focused on what you do. It`s not focused on what you offer. What do you offer? Accounting software is a hyper-crowded market space so you really need to differentiate yourself. Catchy language, interesting and memorable brand names, etc. go a long way to helping differentiate. Yes, the product must deliver as well.
    On the plus side, a single visit to your site definitely communicates the purpose of your organization. The existing copywriting is definitely jargon-free. Good!  What is your goal? To drive downloads? If so, you need seriously tight copywriting that gets the attention of the visitor and inspires action. To see numerous examples of good copywriting check out the websites in this directory.
    I also just posted a short snippet on copywriting.
  • exinthecityexinthecity subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi there - I had a problem with the text on the home page - top right corner was all overlapping and jumbled...just a progrmaming problem I think . Overall, I must be really honest and say that I think you need a landing page that has less content on it - something that explains exactly what is being offered....just saying welcome to xyz product. it can help you save money, simplify processes, etc .  CLick here to find out more and download a free trial...then go to the more wordy (and necessary) site.....good luck!
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    The information on the about page does not belong on the front page. The only information that belongs on the front page is a ten word heading, some pictures of the product, and a few sentences to reinforce the heading.
  • EdLEdL subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you all for your valuable feedback. I have implemented many of your suggestions.
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Ed - quick note, on this page: http://www.realeasybooks.com/small-busi ... ting-softw are.htmthis text is repeated:* Within minutes (not days) you can handle the accounting
  • EdLEdL subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you Chuck - I owe you big
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