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Help Needed

CaldanCaldan subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Developing Your Invention
I wonder if I can engage your help in assessing a new product which we are going to launch fully in a couple of months. I know this topic has been touched upon a few times in the forums and the audience is split as to whether or not they like the product - video emails.
The idea of video emailing is not new, and there are a few companies out there who do this. We have tried to add our own special flavor to it though. We are now looking for 100 `customers` to use the product and give us their feedback. In exchange for this valuable feedback we will waive the start up fee.
If you are interested in testing the product  for us then please reply to me privately. You can visit our website at http://www.wevideoemail.com to learn more about the product itself.
Thank you!
Caldan3/13/2009 10:26 AM


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    ShazwiShazwi subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Caldan, 
    You mentioned video email isn`t new. What is your company`s USP then, to differentiate yourself from competitors. What is the `flavor`? Why would someone pay when they can just insert a link inside for their receivers to watch the video? 
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    CaldanCaldan subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Shazwi....thanks for your reply. This topic has been discussed here a few times and on many other forums and I think your last question can apply to many things on the Internet e.g. why do people pay for websites when they can actually use free sitebuilders to be created, why do people purchase PDF creation software when they can get it done free? You are right people can post a video online e.g. YouTube and then insert a link in an email, and then the basic functionality of `sending` an email has been achieved. With our particular system there are additional benefits such as:

    Being notified when an email has been opened
    How often it has been viewed
    Whether it has been forwarded
    ...and a number of other features.

    YouTube definitely does a great job in doing what they do in particular in compressing videos files to the point where they don`t take forever to load. However once a viewer gets to YouTube to watch a video there are so many distractions there that can keep your recipients mind off the job in hand and the reason why you send the video email to begin. With video email services like ours you simply retain the recipients focus purely on your message. Again there are always work arounds to this and pretty much anything you can do on the Internet, you just have to know how. In the meantime there are people out there who are prepared to pay for services that they do not know how to adequately do themselves.

    I hope this helps....and again, thanks for your response.
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