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Time to step out of the shadows

piteracreativeservicespiteracreativeservices subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hello everyone! I`ve been poking around this site for a few weeks now, gathering the courage to introduce myself in the forums - can you tell I`m a wallflower by nature? So here goes:
My husband and I are fresh out of college, ready to take the world by storm. We recently created a general partnership so we could turn our freelance, occasional side-jobs into a viable, part-time (for now) business. I`m a writer with a background in journalism and copywriting, and he`s a commercial photographer, specializing in product and culinary photography.Right now, I`m occupied with the journalism side of my writing, so I spend most of my free time promoting the photography side of our business. My husband has a photography blog that we hope will eventually drive some additional traffic to his commercial photography site. Also, I`ve been taking steps to get involved in different forums, as that seems to be the way to "get out there."So, here I am. I hope to learn a lot from the other members of SuN and perhaps even develop some lasting business relationships. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!- Erika & Tom, Pitera Creative Services(PS - In case you`re wondering, there isn`t a logo or site associated with PCS just yet, but it`s on my list of to-do`s)


  • piteracreativeservicespiteracreativeservices subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the welcome! At this point of our relatively young careers, it all seems difficult! But I think we`re heading in the right direction so far.
    We`re still in the process of fleshing out a realistic business plan, so technically, my answer is no. Tom has a full-time job in addition to this, so it can be hard to find the time to really iron out the details. But we`re chipping away at it. I`ve been considering enlisting the help of SCORE, though.
    I`m not sure how to answer the three-years part, but I think I have "for whom" squared away in my mind. The world of photography and copywriting seems to be overrun by individuals offering incredibly cheap services, but then again, you get what you paid for.
    Then there are also photographers and writers who simply charge too much for small businesses just starting out. I want to find the middle ground. First and foremost, I believe in quality writing and images, which we provide. I think quality should be made available to any business, no matter the budget. So, I guess the point of all my rambling is that the "for whom" is really other small businesses, home-based businesses, etc. that need these quality elements to establish a web presence and a professional image.
    I realize that a large part of that is education - small business owners need to understand why it`s so important. So I`ve been working on the education aspect, to some degree. We`ve got a Squidoo lens for his photography in which I`m trying to explain the importance of quality. Hopefully that will start to generate some interest in his services.
    Okay, sorry for the novel - just emptying my brain for the morning.
    Thanks again for the welcome! I look forward to learning a lot here.
  • piteracreativeservicespiteracreativeservices subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the welcome and advice Winston2. Luckily, Tom is in a great position to network with other photographers because he also works at the leading independent photographic supply store in our metro area.
    We`re slowly beginning to network with graphic designers through a membership to Create, but we`ll be sure to look into the advertising associations as well.
    Opening your own art gallery is quite the accomplishment! Did you find that patrons of the farmers markets and art shows "followed you" to the gallery?
    Thanks again for the input - it`s greatly appreciated!
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