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Adult toys on seo and design architecture

ENK_SalesENK_Sales subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2013 in Website Critique
Hi all first time here. My name is Kobi and i am one of 2 owner of Adult N Beyond. www.adultnbeyond.com
opened our business 3 years ago and opened our web site last year in
November. I designed the web site myself (I am doing freelance web
design) and after researching our competitors small and big companies we
decided to go a bit different in colors and design and we got really
good feedback from the manufacturers and wholesalers. to the point they
displayed our site in trade shows as an example. I wanted to know your opinion a s a customer who come to shop in our
site. when you get to the home page what would had made you wanna shop
at our site. what do i need to change. location of stuff. more banners.
more specials. less banners. less design...etc or if you are a designer what would you have done better . For the seo what can i do to make it better. page to load faster? insert articles section or videos section about toys. etc... One problem is that i cant insert like wordpress or anything like that
because that company dose not have this option. but i can do it in my
other domain that will link to my site. Or i can put as many html, java
etc pages as i want. Thank you for your time reading this and thanks for the answers.


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    yellowgiraffeyellowgiraffe subscriber Posts: 0
    How do car companies compel consumers to buy or atleast test drive their vehicles?
    How do electronic companies influence consumers to buy their gadgets?
    How do restaurants manage to expand their guest lists?
    The answer is plain and simple - reviewing.
    It is the most simple form of selling because firms offer their products to panelist or critics so that they can be reviewed and be seen by consumers.
    A new channel has come up with toy reviews which has revolutionized the way toys are sold. It is bound to benefit all toy firms in the market.
    The products in the videos are sponsored by Yellow Giraffe
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