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Small Business Ideas

buswriterbuswriter subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Selecting a Business
I`d like to get some feedback from this post as I`m not sure what kind of market exists for my book. First and foremost, I love to write and I have written a book called "Nifty Fifty Businesses". Basically it`s a book about current and future trends in the market place and how those trends can be turned into profitable business ideas. I feel strongly there is a big market for a book such as this as more people decide on a path of entrepreneurship. Many people want to start a business, but don`t know what business to start. I feel my book can give them a jump start. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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    buswriterbuswriter subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks. I haven`t published the book yet. It`s still a word document, and I have considered going the self-publishing route. Any thoughts on going it on my own? Set up a web site? Sell it through Google books?
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    vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    I think you should look at web-publishing as an option. As craig rightly points out, there are certainly risks associated with you going the pdf route. However,if you can set up sufficient security protocol and use the right tools and resources, I don`t see why you should not be able to start your new web-publishing empire.
    You could think splitting all the content of your book into meaningful parts and starting a blog of a website of your own. It takes time, perseverence just as it would for anything else, but it can be a huge success. There are instances whence this happened and I don`t see why you can`t be !
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    ExpertForumGuyExpertForumGuy subscriber Posts: 1
    There are is a great market for people who want to start their own business.For example: Most college students don`t even believe it`s possible to start their own business until after they graduate.  Starting a business is great because you can even do it part-time!I`ll definitely look around for your book.
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    FudgeLadyFudgeLady subscriber Posts: 0
    Here`s my two cents worth.  Why not have it privately printed, and then hold a seminar on that topic.  You can sell the book there.  You at least get the entrance fee to admit the person, and then if they like what you have they will buy the book as well.  This also allows you to initially print enough copies to cover what your current attendence will be.  If you have the attendees register for the seminar you will have name, address, phone and email to follow up at a later date.  If everyone loves the book and seminar then you can safely invest in having the book professionally printed.  We also have community colleges and trade schools that offer courses like that.  You get paid for the class and your book, and you can follow up with the attendees for feedback.  You can interest a publisher easier if you go in with a fistful of postive feedback emails.
    That`s my two cents worth.  Hope it helps.
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    ObsidianLaunchObsidianLaunch subscriber Posts: 7
    Are you already a published author? Do you have articles that you have written on business topics?  I would love to read what you have.
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    buswriterbuswriter subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks so much for all your great ideas and input! I have the draft/manuscript complete and just need to find someone to print and publish it. I`ve seen a lot of inquiries from people looking for books that offer small business ideas...so I think there is a market out there for this type of information.
    Any thoughts on getting the book published and printed would be welcome.
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