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New Buisness Site, first time at making a website.

DVDesignDVDesign subscriber Posts: 5
edited July 2008 in Website Critique
I recently started working on a startup company, DV-Design (Digital Video Design), and have been working in my free time on making a website. Intrestingly enough i have a diverse background with computers but am lacking knowledge on making websites, so OLSB worked great for me so far.http://dv-design.web.officelive.com/default.aspx 
Im not finished yet and have plenty of things that i`d like to iron out on my site, but i figured it`s time to ask for input from a slightly broader range of people then my close friends and family (besides they cant even spell all that well and are too nice).
Of course id like to know anyones take be it specific or general, however there are some things id like special attention to be paid to.
-Overall layout - Is it apealing, is there anything you love, would love if it was better, or hate about the general layout?
-Writtings - Is the text descriptive enough, too descriptive, etc? Do you get bored reading it or find yourself eager to get more information?
-Does everything work? (links, videos, etc)
-As a "customer", what do you think of the process my buisness takes from start to finish. What would make it easier?
All input is welcome, hold no punches please, im not made of glass. Just keep in mind that its still a work in progress. I plan on adding more videos throughout the site, redoing both the video on home page and video on the file share page, plan on adding a tutorial`s and video page that collect all the how-to and demo videos into one source, will add phone number and address at a later point in time to contact us. Im probably forgetting some stuff but give it a try.
**As i wrote this post on another forum first, i will include some extra information here.
This is my first website, my buisness pertains to digital video editing and slideshow dvd`s, i run the buisness from home. I have an extremely low budget and for all intents and purposes and trying to do everything myself. My goal with this site is to use it as the medium through which i do buisness with my customers. If my website does not convey all the details and present itself in a fashion that is agreeable to the sonsumer then i will have no buisness.


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    DVDesignDVDesign subscriber Posts: 5
    To both CraigL and Videography thank you!
    I agree with everything you both said. Duely noted is my horrible spelling and grammer which is ashame because i am actually quite articulate. I have decided to take a few courses of action with handleing this. I am going to have friends who are college educated read over my pages word for word and help me re-word and spell things correctly. I will also (again) re-enter the text into spell check to verify that general spelling is acurate, and on another forum someone offered up a program that reads over the page and checks links as well as spelling and grammer.
    I beleive CraigL made mention of some visual aspects like the lines (part of the template) and the buttons being only images with the test being the links within my navigation. Unfortunaly within OLSB i am very limited in my ability to customize the pages. However im considering carrying my pages over to a new domain (better name) as well as a new host. In this case i would use OLSB as a template for generating pages, download the pages and import them into Expression web for editing and fine tuning, then load them to my new host.
    Colors was something that has been pointed out to me and now that it has been made a point of again i will most certainly change it.
    Both of you seem to make mention that i over describe things, and i agree with that as well...i htink what i will do is truncate much of what is available and then on a "special" page or parent page with subdirectories have a "tutorials, demo`s and explinations" page for those people who want to educate themselves but not to the point where they want to learn to do it themselves.
    Your also not the only ones to let me know that im impersonal and personal at the same time, i should be using words like "we", "us", "you" in place of my comapny name and such. So i know now that many people feel this way so i am definatly going to address this.
    As for the video, your absolutely right. I have been so limited on time right now that the video on the home page is a "rough draft". So is the demo video on the file sharing page. I do plan on offering more videos and within those videos demonstrating my capabilities. Not to mention rehearsing the scripts so that i can be more animated and focus more on tonality, eye contact, body language, etc. From that video its hard to imagine that as a personal intrest i study such things all for the purposes of interactionary social dynamics.
    Once again, you guys have come to my rescue i needed this tuff love and was not receiving it from family and friends. Id ask them to spell check and theyd reply "it looks good", then the next day id be reading part and go, wow that sounds horrible!"
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