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Wheres a good place for Free Business cards?

DVDesignDVDesign subscriber Posts: 5
edited January 2013 in Marketing
Ive come accross a few of those 250 free business card sites, any recommendations for where a good place to get free cards is?
Also does anyone know of any of these free card deals where they let you use your own design?


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Why are you so into "free business cards?", don`t tell me you don`t have 60.00 dollars to purchase a business card with your design on it? The funny thing is you want them for free with your own design... don`t most places you`ve visited charge like $10.00 extra for your design? Don`t tell me you don`t want to spend $10.00 to upload your design or Logo?
    Remember, Customers are going to judge you by your business card. Just advise
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Vista print is good, but the free will get you there branding on the back. It is worth paying for a professional design.
  • CardLadyCardLady subscriber Posts: 0
    I evaluated online business card printers at my business card website last year - I do NOT recommend Vistaprint - see Business Card Printer Reviews.
    You can get 100 free business cards at the link below - nice cards, no text on the back, reputable company - you DO pay $6.95 S/H, US only.  If you want to order more than 100 cards, they`ll take the value (I think it`s $14.99) off your order.100 Free Business Cards
  • RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3
    Ah, the good old "free business card" debate.  Please consider just how much impact your business image holds.  A lot of times the image you present will make or break your business.  As was mentioned earlier - some people immediately disregard any promotional material that has a cheap/inferior air about.  Depending on the business type, the business card may be the first, main or even only representation a person sees of your business.  This is a case of "first impressions count."  And don`t settle for "pretty good" if you don`t have to.  Unless you have a totally unique product or service, you are facing stiff competition.  I like to say - don`t just be seen, be remembered.  The quality of print and design of your marketing material will go a long way in acheiving this goal. 
    It`s interesting - I too evaluated VistaPrints "premium" products compared to our standard business cards.  We came in about $50 less for 1000 cards if you count their upcharge for custom design (we include this) ... $20 less without design service.  On top of that, we are using a higher quality printing process and our paper is about twice as thick.  My point being... sometimes the "cheap" route can ultimately be more expensive.
  • foodietwoshoesfoodietwoshoes subscriber Posts: 3
    I recently had my business cards printed at www.printprintprint.biz , who I found here on SUN, and I am extremely happy! I have two sided cards, and I paid around $90 including shipping for 5000 cards. And best of all, I didn`t have to go through FOURTEEN upsale pages like I did at Vistaprint.
  • foodietwoshoesfoodietwoshoes subscriber Posts: 3
    Oh, and I forgot to mention. I am ordering my next supplies (magnets, stickers) from Remipub.com - I wanted to patronize my fellow SUN`ers, so I`m splitting up my printing needs.
  • RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3

     That is so cool!
     I couldn`t agree more!  Thanks foodietwoshoes, we`ll look forward to working with you.  Remipub10/12/2008 8:10 PM
  • printguruprintguru subscriber Posts: 0
    BluegrassPrint.com is a great business card printing company. They have awesome quality and low prices (not free, but also not crappy quality or their logo on the back). You can upload custom designs or design online for free. Here is a link if anyone is interested - Business Cards
  • FaaastCashFaaastCash subscriber Posts: 0
    Business cards are the first impression of your business. Don't get into the free thing. Get a proper designer to design it for you. It hardly cost anything but will be a big boost to add your business reputation.
  • lovehomechiclovehomechic subscriber Posts: 0
    Hm, you'll still be paying with the free business cards deals i see around because, unless you can pick them up from that store, chances are you'll still pay for the shipping fee. I advise that you get your stickers, magnets and business cards all in one place to save up on shipping fees. I also recommend Cardprinting.us, they offer a lot of sevices including business card printing, even free design evaluation.
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