Will it work?

EKapitalEKapital Posts: 2subscriber
We have a remarkable Ecommerce concept that no one has ever tried.
Take a look at our overview:

http://www.smartwinshop.com/DubLi%20Auc ... Short.html

We expect this to be the next Ebay - if you agree there is a partnership in this for you.
Direct questions to Stephanie:
[email protected]
EKapital2/23/2009 11:18 AM


  • VideographyVideography Posts: 6subscriber
    Will what work?  The website or the business plan? 
    In either case, my answer is, probably not.
    As far as the website goes, it`s simply a slide show.  Most people would click off in the first minute or two because of either the subject or the crappy - really bad quality audio.  The voice and pacing is good but the audio sounds like something recorded in the toilet.
    On the business plan - MLM`s almost always fail.  This one, I think, is predictable to fail because there is no way segment the market and everyone in the chain is competing for the same customers.  How many Starbucks can you put on the same corner?
    If you were not looking for a website critique, then please find somewhere else to peddle your concept.
  • banzaibertbanzaibert Posts: 0subscriber
    Every time I think of buying something, first thing that I usually do is to find these products in Ebay.  I`ve been trying to find similar sites but nothing as good as Ebay. I think you must have great products (lotsa salespeople) and most of all, great website! It looks so friendly and not complicated. Well, this is just from a shoppers point of view.
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