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Why Do They Keep Sending Me Stuff I Didn’t Ask For?

draagdraag subscriber Posts: 4
edited June 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
It`s funny!

When you get to certain level in your network marketing
business you get to experience things that you never did at
the start, so let me share one of those recent experiences
with you.

Recently I`ve noticed a funny trend . . .

Being that many many people have access to my business phone
number, email address, and physical address, I`m a pretty
high exposure target for a lot of folks out there.

Emails, calls, mail, you name it, I get it.

And well, recently I`ve been getting a lot of stuff in that
last category from fledgling network marketers. In
particular, everyone seems to think that I`m a pretty good
target for a particular business that has post cards and CDs
as part of their marketing mix.

And well in the last week, I`ve gotten literally 8 of the
exact same card with the exact same CD in it. Always written
in a friendly tone, but always saying "Hey, Daegan, Remember
me from back when, well now I`m with X company and I think
it`d be a great fit for your business."

In fact, one guys that sent me this stuff actually used to
be in my own downline. (Ha!)

I remember a couple email conversations we had way back
when. I hadn`t heard from the guy in a few months and up
pops a letter in the mail with a CD for his new business.

I appreciate the thought and all, but there is an important
marketing lesson hidden here.

So Robert if you`re out there listening here it is . . .

Very important to remember that when you are a network
marketer and you`re building your business with the least
resistancewait until someone asks you for information about
your business before you blindly send out CDs.


You don`t want to waste your time or your money, and when you
send information about a product, service, or your new
business - if you`re sending out stuff to everyone you know
you`re wasting valuable marketing dollars and your time on
people that probably have no interest in what you`re sending

That`s not what you want.

Here`s the formula:

Traffic - Lead Expresses Interest - You Send Info - You Make
Sale/Make Contact - Then You Recruit.

That way you`re only spending time and money on leads who
want what you have.

Attract them towards you, don`t pull them in with brut force
and you`ll have a lot more fun and a lot less frustration.
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  • RosannaTusseyRosannaTussey subscriber Posts: 4
    Attract them towards you, don`t pull them in with brut force and you`ll have a lot more fun and a lot less frustration. 
    Good point. At the end of the day, people buy from people. Inundating them with unrequested information is no substitute for taking the time to foster a relationship with your prospects.
    As for the former member of your downline sending you material, thanks- I needed a laugh today.RosannaTussey2007-6-14 13:29:18
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