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new input on website

nazurcnazurc subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in New Member Welcome

Hi everybody.  New to startupnation.  Always read forums and loved feedback given to others.  Now looking for feedback on my own website.


Is it simple, is it clear, customer friendly.


Thank you in advance.




  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    I like the simplicity. Not too many things going on. Prices are definitely decent though I didn`t see your shipping and handling charges and if you aren`t up front about those costs, buyers will be reluctant.
    Front page looks like a florist. Perhaps the circles with flowers could be some of your products instead?
    This should just go away:
    be cleaned easily with water or, if necessary, warm soapy water - do
    not use alcohol.  They should be rinsed from time to time to avoid
    oxidization of the frame (a whitening of the surface), caused by sweat
    and oil from skin contact."
    I believe that most people are well aware that for 10 dollars they are getting sunglasses that are a value, not a lasting investment.
    And believe me, most people probably expect a lot worse than the typical oxidation that occurs over time. Just let that pass or put that info in an FAQ tab.
    Otherwise, you`ve kept things ultra simple. Hope it works out. 
    So much of any website is trial and error. The hardest part is standing out and getting actual buyers.
    Good Luck!
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Just commenting on the SEO aspect .... it`s terrible.
    Your pages are probably 95% unneeded code.
    There is barely any content that will help in search placement.
    Your images are huge, and being scaled down to size, making your page sizes too large. They also have no "alt" text.
    Personally I think you need a major rewrite of your code.
  • SilenceDogoodSilenceDogood subscriber Posts: 9
    Ditto on the Florist comment.
    Most web surfers have Internet ADD - you will probably have a high bounce rate (people spending 1 second on your site and moving on).
    Also agree with the SEO comment - your Title is simply "Home" it should be keyword rich.
    Drop the counter.  It currently reads 66 and no one cares anyway about how many visitors have been to your site. But at 66 it screams: "New, No one ever visits this site, etc."
    Here are your keywords: flowers, roses, floral arrangements, plants, florists,
    sending flowers, funerals, sympathy, bouquets, florist delivery,
    order flowers, order flowers, birthday gifts, gourmet baskets,
    virtual flowers, online florist, anniversary gift, corporate gift,
    flower delivery, plant gifts, gift baskets, sympathy gifts,
    funeral flowers, online florist, business gift, same day delivery,
    birthday, gift, anniversary, thank you, love gift ideas,
    rose delivery, red roses, pink roses, weddings, ikebana, proms,
    bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah
    It looks like someone took a template for a florist shop, stuck in some copy for your business and told you the site was done.  I`d be mad if I were you and actually paid someone to do this site.
    You are a flip-flop boutique but your first button link after home says jewelry.
    Click Flip Flop Sale of the week and the title reads "Services."  In fact, go to all of your pages and read the browser tab.  Your titles are all over the board.
    No one is going to send you an email for an order.  Use PayPal (it is really pretty easy) or some other merchant service so folks can check out online.  Everyone is used to that.
    I like the layout on your sunglasses page.  I think that would work (and be consistent) with your other product pages.  Put a check-out / add-to-card button (paypal or other) under each column.
    - Those are some of my thoughts.
  • nazurcnazurc subscriber Posts: 1

    thank you all so much for your reviews.  CraigL, I knew you would be one of the 1st.  I do wish you were able to get on and view the site.  Other people were able to you, were like the only one not able to. 


    I have reviewed all feedback and have considered it and made the appropriate changes. 

    Eric-Thanks for the positive feedback.  I added the cleaning part cuz I saw it on my fav. online retailer & I was trying to model myself after them, j.crew(love them).  but, I did remove, cleaning info.
    Webline-Not exactly sure what your talking about, I am someone who basically took a template and moved things around to suite my needs.  But I will keep looking at what your talking about and working on it.
    SilenceDogood-It took me sometime to figure out what you meant.  I finally noticed the wording or language off to the side of the template I was using when I was editing and making more changes, so, I took out all the words you pointed out and put in my own to ref. my site and to promote my site.  Thank you for pointing it out to me. 
    And yes I used a template.  It was the only one on this site, I felt that was the closest to what represented me and my shop.  Yes it is a template for flowers, yuckie.  As I build my empire, I definitely intend on changing the entire thing, I will work on getting rid of those darn flowers, somehow. 
    As far as the Paypal issue goes, I do accept paypal as well as GoogleCheckout.  And one of the major things I did before I opened this site was research the options.  I went on various sites and listened to the opinions, Opinions of people on this site and other sites like work.com and as far as paypal vs. googlecheckout.  it seems to me it`s a personal choice / toss up.  
    I know the wholesale company were I buy my flip flops from use GoogleCheckOut and I actually love it.  So between them, the opinions stated here, work.com and my personal dealings with paypal, for this website, for now I will stick will google.
    And yes, I do need to put in a call to tech. services at homestead and get them to change the brower tab thingy. 
    Thank you everybody.  Now CraigL, I still need you to get on the website and have a real look. . 
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