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How to find graphic designers?

DollyGlozerDollyGlozer subscriber Posts: 1
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Camisa Bella is a fashion brand of casual/business t-shirts for women over 35 that uses the Internet and crowdsourcing to give women the apparel they want - in this case t-shirts. Our community of designers submits designs; our community of consumers rates designs. By participating in the design process, our consumers tell us what they want. No design is put into production and launched without the wisdom of the crowd influencing and validating the design. We then print and sell the most popular design.
We are on a shoestring budget and currently running a proof-of-concept beta. The critical action for us is to recruit designers whose work we can post for our consumers to rate. The question is, given that we do not have big bucks to pay designers, how do we entice them to participate? We do give $75 for each winning design (must have at least 100 votes) with home page attribution, an onsite gallery for future designs and name recognition on the winning t-shirts. Frankly it`s been hard to get designers to pay attention to us (we think that it is due to the fact that we do not have big dollar rewards.) Our question to the group is "How do we attract designers to be part of this site?"
Please look at the site and give us your ideas.
Dolly Glozer and Barb Hansen
co-founders of Camisa Bella


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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    At the same time you are attempting to attract designers for your business effort, there is a movement within the design community to reject the crowdsourcing and requests for speculative design work.  I just wanted to make you aware of the NO!SPEC movement. For the most part, truly professional designers will not enter a contest for the chance that their work may win them minimal income and a chance at a bit of glory.
    Best of luck with your venture.
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    DollyGlozerDollyGlozer subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear LogoMotives,
    Thanks for your thoughtful response.We are not out to screw anyone. We want to build out an opportunity. That being said, what approach would you recommend to be seen as an organization that would work for No!Spec supporters? Your feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
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    LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    Dolly -
    Thanks for your response - just wanted to make you aware of why some designers might be reluctant to participate in your venture.  I`m not sure what tact you should take in attracting designers.
    Most professional design organizations advocate reviewing designer portfolios and then contracting with designers to do the needed work.  It`s not necessarily about the design work costing you a great deal of money - but more about designers being adequately compensated for their creativity and work.  Here`s a couple of the industry organization links about the subject:
    AIGA position of spec work/contests

    Graphic Artists Guild: Suggested Guidelines for Art Competitions and Contests

    It may also be worth your while to talk with instructors/professors at local/regional art or design schools to see what they may suggest as a solution for your business - one benefiting both you and the designers.
    Best of luck! - J.
     LogoMotives11/19/2008 1:59 PM
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    fixturefindersfixturefinders subscriber Posts: 1

       Please contact  Dan Tasman at dormtshirts.com....he is a graphic designer with a similar idea/concept as you.  Maybe he can help.  he can be reached at 616-308-0832.
    tell him his Dad told you to call.
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