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Introducing myself

danielkaodanielkao subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2009 in New Member Welcome
Well, I`m a bit overwhelmed by all this here that is new to me...but at the same time, I`m excited to have finally made the decision to participate in forums again (having only participated in fitness forums before). But looking through just some of the topics, I found a lot of great advice and great discussions so I`m stoked to be here.
Just a short summary of me - my passions are entrepreneurship, travel, blogging, & public speaking. EntrepreneurshipI founded my first company when I was 15 selling SUV backup cameras. Since losing my childhood savings on that first venture, I haven`t stopped there. Over the course of 6 years, I dropped out of high school and founded a couple other retail businesses while spending 4 of those years working for an international manufacturer and a commercial realty management company. A couple of the sites I eventually launched with the help of family were -http://www.diningindallas.com/http://www.greetingsofgrace.com/http://www.sweetlylovely.com/http://www.simplysimplemassage.com/
Where I`m at now:
Currently running those retail sites while trying to launch my parent company of international import/export services to small to medium-sized companies. Have done biz with small and big companies...including Target, Chick-fil-a, & smaller online retail businesses. TravelHave traveled extensively to Asia - mostly China, Taiwan since I do a lot of work with Overseas manufacturers. Traveled to Mexico. Have exhibited at trade shows in NY, Las Vegas and done biz around the US. BloggingStill new, but my blog is at - http://daniel-kao.com/
Really enjoy talking about life experiences, work experiences, travel experiences, etc.Public SpeakingAgain, I`m fairly new and just in the development phase of this, but I`m really passionate about it. Only been a toastmasters member for about 4 months now but I`m hoping to constantly improve that skill so that one day I can share some of my experiences with people.
Anyways, enough about myself. I look forward to meeting with you all!danielkao4/25/2009 11:09 PM


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