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Just Launched Shopcorrect.com

JamesHoganJamesHogan subscriber Posts: 4
edited March 2008 in Website Critique
Hi all im founder and owner of shopcorrect.com and i just launched my website and im posting on this forum because i want some feedback on my website. Id be gladly to hear all your suggestions you may have because i am looking to make the best user friendly website possible. So please give some suggestions what i should do to make it better and tell me what you think of it


  • shanlaeeshanlaee subscriber Posts: 0
    What`s the deal with the Nintendo Wii consoles? I was on your site and ready to order one and thought I better just google your site to make sure it was legit. I found all sorts of blogs that indicate people have ordered the Wii months ago and never received it. What`s up with that?
  • KingDingalingKingDingaling subscriber Posts: 0

    So James...... Your website is all over ripoffreports.com advising evryone not to use your website. Noone recieves their orders, and the ones that do recieve there purchases get fakes and ripoffs. I know this because Me and several other customers have made contact through email. When you purc hase your item you receive an email from shopcorrect.com telling you they processed your order, five minutes later a fraud website awoogah.com tells you that they are processing your order. You make sure to charge the credit card and not send the product. Weve contacted the Better Buisness Bourea and several others have alerted internet authoritys. What your doing is an outrage, its only a matter of time before you and your website are shut down.
    KingDingaling3/21/2008 11:06 PM
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