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India Outsourcing Potholes?

teddysspiritteddysspirit subscriber Posts: 4
edited April 2007 in Thought Leadership
We`re considering outsourcing our data entry process to India. Anyone have any suggestions or warnings?


  • TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
    Obviously, every business owner is going to make decisions that suite his or her business.  Outsourcing can be done well or it can be done horribly.  I`ve seen the horrible side of it, and it involved a company from India.
    Why wouldn`t you consider outsourcing to a business in your own community?  I`m sure you could find reasonable rates locally, and it will help keep your local economy going, instead of India`s.
  • teddysspiritteddysspirit subscriber Posts: 4
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Well when I was at Ford we had some applications outsourced
    and the programming was decent (you better have excellent documentation) however
    the English documentation for the application was written extremely poor....like
    the person didn`t really know English, maybe they could speak it but not write
    it. It all depends on who does it over there, again at Ford I worked with
    people from India and most were good at both speaking and writing but all of
    them said you have to be careful who does it. I would think you could find
    someone for min. wage to do the job and be done with it.
  • pepperlegalpepperlegal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Depending upon the nature and type of data being provided to the outsourcer, you may have certain data security and privacy issues.  Some of this data is regulated (depending upon your industry), so there are certain rules and guidelines to which any outsourcer must adhere.  Remember, at the end of the day, if the outsourcer can`t comply, YOU are responsible.From a business perspective, you lose close project management ability when you outsource, so the ability to quickly make changes and updates to systems or projects decreases significantly.  At the end of the day, you need a very comprehensive and detailed agreement with the outsourcer to handle these, and other matters.
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