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Auto Repair - Seeking Help

dmilnerdmilner subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2013 in Business Planning
I have identified both a unique, unfulfilled demand in my area in auto repair, and I`ve also identified an untapped workforce.
The problem is that I don`t know a darn thing about auto repair, let alone how to research what I need to put together a business plan.
I don`t know if there`s anyone out there who has either started their own auto repair shop or knows of a few specific research areas, but I`m trying to avoid hiring a professional to do this research for me.  (I prefer to do it myself!)
Does anyone know where I could go to find out:
1.  Startup equipment?
2.  General lease/utilities/shop maintenance expenses?  (I know it varies by area...)
3.  Market analysis?
4.  Competitor market shares?
I know this is all pretty basic, but I`m new and all to all this stuff.  Any hints, pointers, or tips that might help me save money I might have to spend on a startup professional would be appreciated!


  • ChipThomeChipThome subscriber Posts: 0
    You best source of informatiuon in the car business, is from some one in the business in your area. Of course you don`t want to go and discuss this with your potential competitors, but their suppliers are always interested in new accounts.
    What I would do, if I were you, would be to contact one of the franchised tool dealers who works your are. These people make weekly stops at the shops supplying the technicians, and sometimes the shops needs for various tools and diagnostic equipment. There is no one who has his finger more on the pulse of what is going on, than the tool guy. Many of these offer weekly or some form of regular payments on a credit balance, primarily for the technicians. Because of this, they know which shops are doing well, if anyone is, and which aren`t. They also have a rgular dialogue with the technicians, so if you are thinking of a new or different form of service, the tool dealer would know, because it probably requires some tool he has or can get and has gotten for someone who is already implementing your idea. The major ones around here are Snap On, Mac and Matco.
    What you will find in the car business, everyone talks with and about everyone else, so few secrets are kept very long. I would suggest asking if the dealer would sign a non disclose agreement, before you divulge you entire idea. If he knows you are a potential customer, I don`t see him not signing it.
    Good luck !!!   
  • kris100kris100 subscriber Posts: 0
    You need to shop around good auto insurance company. Get quotes from there and then decide which
    will be best for you.
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