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I need help naming my business.

daneluvdaneluv subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2007 in Business Planning
Hi,I am opening a pet sitting business in October.  I am having a brain block.  Every name I think of is taken.  I want something different, fun, hip, fresh.   I originally picked the name Zoomies Pet Care, because my 2 Great Danes get the zoomies all the time and I just love that word.  Well, it is trademarked, so it is a no go. The one word or simple fun words is what I am after.Any ideas?thank you,Lynn
daneluv2007-9-2 13:23:51


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    daneluvdaneluv subscriber Posts: 2
    What if a name I want is trademarked but for a completely different business?  I saw several registered for different businesses and none were pet related.  Is it ok to use the word as part of my pet related business?thanks,Lynn
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    DwayneGarrettDwayneGarrett subscriber Posts: 1

    6 Simple Steps To Naming Your Business
    Step 1 : Try to define the qualities that you want your business to be identified with.Step 2: Find something that`s compelling about who you are and build on that vocabulary  perspective.Step 3: Take a look at some of the successful names of your competition to see if you notice any similarities and then dare to be different.Step 4: Brainstorm  5 to 10 creative names.Step 5: Research to see if those names are available.Step 6: Select a name. Set a deadline and decide on a name. If all else fails, and you just are not able to decide, hire  a naming firm and they will be able to assist you.
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