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Right down the street from the Sloan Bros.

dlondondlondon subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in New Member Welcome
Hello all. I`m new to the community online, but I`m actually just down the street from StartupNation HQ in Birmingham, MI. I`m a graphics and web designer, a video and audio producer, and as of the first of this year, a small business owner. I incorporated my DBA and now I`m planning to make the jump and leave the cube. In fact, I`m planning on opening up a co-working location along the Woodward corridor that would let startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs work in peace and comfort. I`ll post a new forum topic to get feedback on what people would be interested in. Free coffee? Fax machines? Lounge chairs and couches? Conference room? Desk space? I can`t be the only one that can`t actually work at home, even if you work from home. 


  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi dave I think offering a location that has semi private areas, meeting rooms etc is an excellent idea. When you look at all these people hanging out at Starbucks or Panara Bread typing away they really should be at your location, where business can actually be done. I think what you`ll have to mimic is that starbucks atmosphere with a business twist. Similar to some hair salons, you could even rent out a few office cubes/meeting rooms to entrepreneurs to help cover the rent.
  • dlondondlondon subscriber Posts: 1
    You beat me to it! I`ve actually mapped out these ideas and more. Todd, absolutely, I`d have small spaces and conference rooms, and I`m definitely shooting for a comfortable coffee house feel. Craig, I`ve got plans for free local and long distance shared phone use, fax machine and laser printers, and yes, a shared receptionist. Since this would be on a gym membership-like basis, at a certain level, you could use the place as your own office with a permanent desk and send and receive mail and packages too. I think I`ll start a forum topic on this subject to get a feel for people`s tastes. Thanks for the ideas!
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Make sure to offer an answering system, like a virtual assistant, something that everyone can share but is still professional.
    You could even have a kinkos inside with a ups store all in one place, this idea sounds really cool.
  • beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    Hi from a newbie...
    I worked from home (with my husband for 3 years) before becoming an entrepreneur.   I would have loved something like this!  it gets lonely in the house.   
    I can think of a few very simple things you would need....Have free pens/pencils/paper for notes.    Maybe even have a little `funny section` where people can go and read material/memos that make them laugh`  funny pictures, quotes etc.  Kinda like a water cooloer area, people need an excuse to `congregate and talk about nothing` and Lord knows,  we need to laugh more!  Please make it girly friendly also, which means EXTRA CLEAN restrooms, with kleenex, and possibly some little haircare items, disposable combs for those just in case times! 
    Great idea, I can`t wait to hear your catchy name.
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Hello and welcome - sounds like you`ve got a pretty good idea there. You`re sure to get some great feedback here.
  • dlondondlondon subscriber Posts: 1
    You are all making if very hard NOT to quit my job and start this right now! Thank you for all the great ideas. Keep `em coming! I`m writing them all down. A lot of things have been worked out so far: a receptionist to answer calls and receive packages, a kitchen/coffee bar area with free coffee and tea, both a lounge area with couches and stuffed armchairs AND a place desks and table space, and yes, very clean bathrooms.I haven`t even mentioned the cool parts yet! Since I run my own graphics/web/video/design business, this place would also house a iMacs and MacBook laptops for members to use, a small pre-set photo studio (for photographers who can`t afford their own), a fully functional HD video studio with chroma key walls (make your own TV ads), and a full-featured audio booth (for making podcasts or laying down some music tracks). I`m also designing the areas to be modular, so that after hours, I could host small business meetings, classes and seminars, or use the space as an art gallery.The central piece to all this is a community. It`s basically a social network with a coffee shop and comfy office wrapped around it. It would serve as the HQ for my business (Zazen Digital Studios), but more than that, I want to build a place that helps other entrepreneurs grow and succeed. And since I`m a web and graphic designer, everyone would have instant access to the professional web, graphics, or video they need to get their business up and running.
  • dlondondlondon subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m open to ideas for the name too. Don`t be shy. My company is called Zazen Digital Studios, but I also do business as Zazen Press (independent publishing) and Zazen Productions (film, video, audio, photography). I was originally thinking about running with the brand and calling this the Zazen Project. Partly because it`s an experiment in social collaborative networking, and partly because the biggest problem for small businesses is project management. So, if you come up with a name or two, please send them on!
  • CladdaghCladdagh subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Hi David,
    I love your concept. We have someone here, locally who rents out office space hourly and monthly, but he does not offer the "coffee house environment" that you will be offering.
    If you wanted to continue to use Zazen in your business name, how about "Zazen Suites"?
    I am looking forward to hearing your about your success.
  • JulianJulian subscriber Posts: 1
    How about calling Che`s Office-a revolution in office sharing?
    Maybe you can get a local doctor to help out.
    JulianJulian2007-7-31 17:41:41
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