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Legal Issues for Startup and young Entrepreneurs

SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
I`m new to the Business World, but I like to play safe when it comes to the law. Ok, this is my question. Last March I bought a software called "Art Explosion" which contains about 800,000 images and created by Nova Development Corporation. I intend to use some of the images in this software to create a website webpages for my business. Although the Licence Agreement said in the Use of Content part that:
" You may use the clip art and all other content ("Content") included in the software only to create presentations, publication, pages for the World Wide Web and intranets, and products (collectively, "works"). It went on to say that: "You may not use the content for any other purpose whatsoever. For example and without limitation, you may not : (i) permit any other party to use any content unless it is use in a work; (ii) sell or distribute (commercially or otherwise) the content as a stand alone image or clip art, or in a graphics catalogs, design books, compilations, collections, templates, stock engravings or the like; or (iii) distribute or make available electronic copies of the content to third parties in any manner, including without limitation, via the internet, on any tangible media or by broadcast, that is intend or designed to enable the third party to copy the content for its own use."
I understood from this part of the agreement that I may used the content of the software to develop webpages for my website as long as it is used in my personal work (or it is not used as a stand alone). And also that, as long as I don`t distribute, or allow a third party to use or distribute the software or its content as their own clip art or images (like stand alone or duplication) as their properties.
I wish that someone familiar with this software or other softwares`  Licence Agreement to give me more clearification on this matter because I sent e-mails to the Nova Development Company, but they never replied. And I want to make sure that I`m not taking any risk using this software to develop webpages for my business  (specialized in the advertisement of other businesses services and products) website.
Million of thanks to all of you who show concern to this matter.


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    JeffersonJefferson subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m not a lawyer and don`t represent this company, but I`ve purchased similar packages and once worked for a software company that published a graphics package with similar terminology.  Therefore, this is my opinion...
    The company just wants to keep you from selling their graphics or robbing them out of a sale.  For use on your own web pages or products, what you want to do is generally okay if it`s just spicing up your website.  However, if your web business involves selling clip art or fonts that came with this package, or bundle their clip art with some other product, then that`s probably out of bounds.  I also imagine it would probably be in violation if you used their graphics to create logos for other people, where your clients would want to claim ownership of this company`s graphics (in whole or part).  If you`re looking to use the graphics on t-shirts, for example, their notice implies that it`s okay, because the customer can`t get hold of the actual electronic image.
    If you`re wanting to sell website design to clients using these graphics... that`s where I`d continue to pursue the company for a more solid answer, as there can be many gray areas here. 
    It should also be mentioned that unless you`re cutting into their profits, it isn`t worth most companies` time to pursue legal action other than a "cease and desist" letter.  Again... my opinion.
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    SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
    I would like to present my gratitude to you for your concern to my problem, and especially for your very precious time. You will actually gain back the time you spent fixing me up, ten times. I got all the comments you made and the advises you gave me through your message. I will consider them in the use of the software. Please, feel free to talk to me anytime you want to. Again thank you for your prompt reply and I hope you have a wonderful day!
     (That`s me clapping for you Jefferson)
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    p5gal5p5gal5 subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with Jefferson; you can use the clipart (but not sell it as a competitor).
    We use some clipart from www.clipart.com</A> on our webpages and do not have a problem.  In their usability/terms and conditions, it states that the clipart can be rendered online and used on websites, but it cannot be displayed at larger than 72 dpi (so other individuals cannot download a "usable" copy without purchasing it). 
    You may want to doublecheck possible resolution limitations for online display to ensure the graphics you are using on your website adhere to all their terms.
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    SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
    I appreciate the confirmation you added to jefferson`s reply. This is very useful for me as well. Also, I`m thankful for the insight you gave me and the precious time you allocated toward the resolution of my issues. Remember that your time hasn`t been waisted because someway and somehow you will gain it back many times. Please feel free to drop me a line sometimes. I wish you the best in every aspects of your life. See you soon.
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    SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
    Eh, Look at you! That`s awesome. I like the contribution you have added to the resolution of my problem. I wish there was some virtual flowers here so I can send you some. But how about .
    Ok, I like to thank you very much for all the information you gave me. I did not know most of these before. I`m very glad you stepped in. Now I feel much better about the legal concerns I had about using the softwares I bought for my project. Please, feel free anytime to tell me more about this or even to just drop me a line to say "Hi, how are you doing on your project?" I will appreciate it. But, for now you have being one of my best helper. You will be added to my buddy list.
    By the way, I`m also searching for two partners. One as a programmer that will also be in charge of the graphics` design, and the second one  should be a dealmaker who will focus on sales and marketing. What do you suggest? Again, thank you very much for your contribution and stay blessed! I hope to hear from you soon. Say my best to your family.
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    SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
    Right on! Thank you one more time and I got that advise about partners` search. Also, I will check out the archeive forum topics. Just to let you know, you still the best. Have a good weekend. Thanks for everything.
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