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Sense of fellowship

Glad to have found a site that has a sense of brother and sister fellowship and not hierarchy like.
I have not yet created a member profile.  I  prefer to let my partners tell of themselves and the newly formed business. 
We are based in Alaska and would like to know, do our fellow Alaskans also participate in this site?   We prefer to go locally then spread further out as we expand. 


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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14

    As a former Alaskan I`d like to welcome you to StartupNation. We were 3
    years in Ketchikan and 9 years in the Matanuska Valley near Palmer. Are
    you in Southeast?

    I recall a lady on StartupNation community from Alaska. I believe she
    was a used book seller but don`t recall any others. You could certainly
    do something to change that by talking up StartupNation in your
    community. I always enjoyed the entrepreneurial spirit in Alaska. Again,
    welcome and I look forward to learning about your business.

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    LUMBERJILLLUMBERJILL subscriber Posts: 2

    We are between the towns of Palmer and Wasilla.  Entrpreneurs are plentiful here and most certainly Startup Nation will see more activity from the Valley.  Soon we will boast of our creative genius and share it with the world. 
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    No kidding! We lived just off the Palmer - Wasilla Highway. Left there 11 years ago.

    Funny thing; a major reason we had to leave the area was one of it`s
    most amazing features; the glaciers. About a year after we moved to
    Mat-Su I developed asthma. Never had it before then. Went to doctors
    for it; ended up in the ER one night because of an attack. After 8
    years a doctor finally told me the asthma was triggered by glacial
    dust! The glaciers grind rocks into a fine powder that under a
    microscope looks like broken glass. Many people are irritated by it,
    some develop asthma. I was one of those people. My wife said, "now we
    know who`s tougher."

    We miss Alaska; the mountains, the people, the climate.

    Welcome to StartupNation. Don`t be shy. Find a forum that looks
    interesting and jump right in. Just like any community, you`ll find a
    variety of personalities. It takes all kinds to make a world.

    Speaking of unusual personalities, there was a guy we used to call Wild
    Bill, who drove a big truck towing a trailer, every square inch covered
    with big plywood signs berating judges and lawyers. He parked it in
    front of the courthouse in Anchorage. Do you know what ever happened to
    him?Strange the things you find when you stir up memories.

    Look forward to hearing about your business. Our`s is a gluten free
    bakery. Don`t get me started talking about that; I`ll never shut up.
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