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Hey there!I`m on my way to setting up a Taxi Company here in the Philippines, and I am currently trying to determine the common, as well as costly, problems that plague the operators of such companies as well as how to deal with them.I was wondering whether you guys could help me with this..Thanks!


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    You do have an uber clone app for your taxi business. it will give you primary customer and more business
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    Hi there!

    Any one can launch own taxi startup by creating an app like uber. By starting this kind of On demand apps earns you great commissions when every time a rider books a ride and makes a trip. And these apps are readily available in the market and it avoid your app building time and this kind of app creation cost low in budget when compared to other apps and this On Demand uber clone apps seems to be the perfect business opportunity for any budding and/or seasoned entrepreneurs.

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    This niche is sooo competitive. Lyft, Uber, regular taxi.... Do you have any leverage in this business? For example if you know how to find clients or you have experience managing this business. If you still want to pursue it, I would recommend to go with more high end segment, like Limo service.

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