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Advertising ideas please....

TruTru subscriber Posts: 2
Hello! I recently launched my retail website. And through Google Adwords, I
steadily receive 150+ clicks a day but not one sale. My niche is trully
authentic branded designer handbags, clothing and accessories. I
researched my market for over a year and realize the potential but I need
some ideas for target marketing. And yes, I also spent about 2 months on
SUN reading each and every one of your ideas and suggestions about this
subject. My site is trueimportsinc.com I have optimized what I can with
keywords, URLs etc, but not 1 sale. At this point, should I be looking into an
optimization service? Thank you all in advance!


  • FreshYieldsFreshYields subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Tru,Are you sending the adwords clicks to your homepage, or are you using landing pages?  Also, and I`m not saying this because we design ecommercs sites, you really need a better layout and cart flow.  When I click on sunglasses, I want to see sunglasses.  Instead, I have to click on another link.  Once I am on the page with the listings, I still don`t them, because they are "below the fold".Feel free to email me at steve (at) freshyields (dot) com if you have any more questions.
  • HerniHerni subscriber Posts: 1
    Checkout engineseeker.com They will get your website on over 100 search engines world wide for a fixed fee and guarantee top 10 listings continuosly for one year for about $400 a year. Google Adwords can be more expensive and not yield a sale.
  • BeckyBecky subscriber Posts: 1
    Even though you are getting many clicks, it sounds like its the quality of the folks visiting may not be up to par...
    There`s a great article in Entrepreneur magazine this month (September 2006) talking about how to beef up your link partners.  They suggest looking at your competitiors to see what companies link up to them.  This will give you good ideas of sites that you may want to approach to add you as a link. 
    Here`s how you do it:
    Go to a search engine - (yahoo, google, etc) - in the search field type "link:" and a competitiors URL.  For example using your URL, link:www.trueimportsinc.com.  Also try adding a space between the colon and the first w.  I found I needed to do this for some sites to get the right results.
    Even if you`re not sure if traffic quality is your real problem or not, this is probably a useful exercise anyway.  I did this and I found it interesting to see who linked to competing sites, things that were said about competitors, etc.  It should give you some ideas of sites to approach and improve the quality of your traffic.
    Hope this helps!  Good luck!
  • sooonsooon subscriber Posts: 5
    yes,agreed  with everybody that you really need to reconsider your website design. think about it, you mentioned that you sell Gucci Prada... branded stuff, do you think user are convince that your product is "authentic" with your website look like that? please, i think you almost there. just a polished site be perfect
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