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Hello!  I wanted to introduce myself. 
I`m Diane Carlyle, and my company is called Divine Spark Coaching.  I specialize in coaching individuals in developing their own self-care practice - more about that in a minute.  The "spark" for Divine Spark came from a health crisis that I had over five years ago.  It ended up being a kind of gift, and sent me on a journey that transformed my life in more ways than one -- and ultimately let to the current focus of my coaching practice.
What I came to realize, from my own experience and that of my clients, is that so many things can eat away at our well-being and, eventually, at our very sense of self.  I also saw that while we often know what we "should" do, it can be hard to do it.  And that spiritual self-care, or in other words, a practice of self-care can be a solution to this dilemma.
created Divine Spark Coaching and its focus on spiritual self-care
because I wanted to provide clients with a process that would allow
them to experience the life-changing and lasting results that a true
self-care practice gives and, at the same time, effectively preempt the
possibility of self-sabotage that so often happens when life gets in
the way.  Without having to have a medical crisis first!
If anyone would like to learn more about what I`m all about, I`m hosting a free teleclass on June 25th at 7 p.m. EST.  It`s called "What Would You Do if You No Longer Had to Run on Empty" and I`ll be sharing information on how to heal from burnout.  To reserve a space, visit
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