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Any restaurant owner / manager / chef out there??

MeitziMeitzi subscriber Posts: 4
I plan on opening this unique concept of a REAL family restaurant next summer and have been trying to put bits and pieces together since the beginning of the year.  I was a teacher for 7 years; worked as a freelance graphic designer while being as a stay-home mom; 1 year in the high tech (marketing dept), and now a solar energy company.  I am able to use the art background to design logo, menu, and website.  Teaching experiences also contribute some to this `unique` concept that makes my restaurant different from the others.  But most of all, the idea comes from being a parent, gathering needs from other parents (and their children, too) so the restaurant will meet with more realistic and practical needs of the potential customers. 
I am still seeking `the` creative chef who can put my ideas on plates, and/or a retired chef to be on the Advisory Board. 
I have to say this is a wonderful website.  For someone who is currently working full time, I have learned so much by reading the articles as well as the forums.  Thank you so much!!


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    MeitziMeitzi subscriber Posts: 4
    MiteyMite  - Thank you so much!!
    How did you choose your chef?  I have the menu all planned out but am open to any suggestions and changes.  I have interviewed employees before, but never a chef.  I`d like to find someone who is creative since this restaurant is designed for children. 
    Thank you in advance for your help!!
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    MeitziMeitzi subscriber Posts: 4
    Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!
    now what`s this about treating chefs gently?????
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    ess0917ess0917 subscriber Posts: 0
    Well I am glad you will be opening up a restaurant I own a restaurant equipment company we do mostly online sales but let me know if you need any deals on the equipment i mainly specialize in ice machines for restaurants and bars. Let me know if I can help or visit my site EquipNship.Kind Regards,.
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