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I’m not exactly a newbie here, as I’ve been putting my 2
cents in on a variety of topics for the past month or so, and decided that it’s
about time I properly introduce myself!

Devine Write, LLC, is a tiny little business owned and operated
by Kevin Devine (that`s me with the glasses in the photo!).
Most of my working career has been spent as a technical
writer, which means I write hardware and software manuals for high-tech
companies. I have worked for large companies, small companies, and have been
self-employed as well.
Mid-way through my career I discovered that I loved adult
education, so I returned to school for a Masters degree in Adult Education, and
got a job at a local nonprofit. There I taught generally low-income participants
about self-employment and small business for over 5 years, until the program
was eliminated due to budget cuts.
As a result of my work, I have written two books. Unlike most
business books, mine are written in an engaging, easy to understand style, and
are especially useful for those who are still exploring their self-employment
dreams. In 2005 my first book, Building
Your Business Plan
, won the Best of Show award from the Chicago chapter of
the Society for Technical Communications.
Based on the wonderful feedback from my business plan book, I
created another, more basic guide to starting a business, Building Your Business. I also created a new curriculum and I am
again teaching business classes for those interested in starting small
Currently I live in rural southern Wisconsin with my wife and
four-footed children, and work part time as a writer for a small software
company. I`m constantly surprised at what I learn here on SuN and am happy that
I can occasionally provide some ideas of my own.
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