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Restaurant Expansion Funding Needed ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

masterduckbootsmasterduckboots subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Startup Funding
My partner and I currently have a successful and existing restaurant and is wanting to expand and have another location.  We have both good personal credit and business credit as well.  We also already have a great location with great demographics that we plan on catering to.  We have a large sum of personal capital that we are able to provide as down payment and/or deposit.  We also have another existing business worth over 2M with inventory and equipment combined that we are able to provide as collateral.  We are needing the amount of 300-500k for our expansion.  We are not too interested in commercial bank sba loans due to the fact that they just waist more time and the answer is always the same ("Restaurants are too high risk regardless of your good credit, down payment, or collateral.").  If anyone who has gone through this process knows exactly what I am talking about.  All those meetings and guidance with the sba just does not work or even helpful when it comes to needing capital for solid business owners.  The million dollar question is...  "DOES ANYONE KNOW A GREAT AND REPUTABLE SOURCE THAT PROVIDES LENDING FOR EXISTING RESTAURANTS WITHOUT ALL THE HAGGLE AND TIME WASTING???"  HECK, WE WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO PAY HIGHER INTERESTS RATES OR EVEN PROVIDE A FINDER`S FEE TO WHO CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!"
Your help is appreciated.  Thanks.


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