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Is it possible to make a living online anymore?

desmonddesmond subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2009 in Selecting a Business
It just seems like every idea is taken and every area online
is oversaturated with people trying the same thing. Face it. If it was easy to
make money online everyone would do it? Has the time come and gone to even try
an online profession? Seems like those who got involved with websites 3-5 years
ago are the lucky ones.

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  • todaydvdtodaydvd subscriber Posts: 0
    It is still possible to make a living online! But need more hard work.Don`t think you can make money without any work.
  • JohnDeVriesJohnDeVries subscriber Posts: 1
    Every idea hasn`t been taken, but I bet every obvious one has.  I`d be willing to put money on the fact that 95% of the online businesses out there aren`t doing an adequate job of promoting themselves, developing valuable products, or growing their business.  There`s still room in almost any niche online.  What will differentiate you from the rest is your level of commitment, willingness to work hard, and your development of a product/service that`s unique (even in a small way). 
    It just takes time.
  • websterwebster subscriber Posts: 0
    Someone told be a while ago that it is not that you have to come up with a new idea, you can use an existing idea but you to do a better job at presenting it.  Good examples are google.com came after yahoo.com, myspace.com came after friendster.com and there are many more.
    In a way it is better to work on something that you already know has demand, just do a better job then the way it is done currently.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... I understand your concern, but you (anyone, not necessarily you) can`t think of it as, "all the good ideas are taken." That`s defeatism. History has shown that there is always another idea to add to the pot. The good ones still rise to the top.Look at it like this, business has been around for thousands of years... starting somewhere in the mesopotamia, or something like that. I am sure a historian (or a quick google search) can correct my time-line... My point is this, now, a thousand years later, businesses are still opening, profiting, and discovering. The Internet is merely 17 years old.... (Ok know it originated much earlier than that, but it wasn`t devised as a destination for the common person until what? Maybe the early 90`s.)So, keep your chin up. There`s no better time to start your dream, like the present. Do you have a dream of owning and operating an online location? Get to it. Otherwise, in 10 years, when it`s even more difficult to be recognized, you will wish you did.When I started Elusive Treasures I didn`t do it to make money. I bought the domain because I noticed all the good .com names being gobbled up. I had a feeling I would need a name of my own someday. I bought and held the name (without doing too much with it) for about a year before I started coming up with ideas on it`s use. It`s went through some changes since then, but had I not jumped in, the name itself would be gone. Whether my business fails or not... I have the name. I can always start again! The point is, I am there.Start It Up!!
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    there was a time in the not so distant past that it was considered impossible to achieve the wealth Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have achieved. My question... Who`s next? Do you have it in you? Can you block the negative impressions of others and defeat the challenge? Or will it defeat you? Start today! Tomorrow is just one more day without the rewards you deserve.
  • DennisDennis subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Desmond,
    I think everybody has these thoughts as they want desparately to make a living online. I really feel there are enough ideas and opportunities for everyone that wants to make a living online.
     As I think someone already mentioned, that a proper mindset is absolutely neccessary to do it.  I`ll throw in my two cents worth and say that persistence is one of the keys to making it. If a person is persistent, doesn`t give up and believes they can do it, they will succeed.
     Combining that thought with failing fast. Failing fast is very important for success. People look at failure as very bad and it usually stops them in their tracks the first time out of the gate.
     I`m just saying that for success to happen there are going to be a lot of failures along the way. Look at all the really successful people in the world. You`ll find they had extreme challenges and multiple failures. But they had that mindset that took them past what we would call major setbacks and they persisted till they arrived at their destination.  I doubt anyone that has started any kind of business or anything for that matter has succeeded the first time out or even after giving it a  few tries. 
    If you have good information and a good opportunity you can succeed. It can be intimidating when there is so much competition out there. I say forget about everbody else. Just focus on what you have to do to bring yourself closer to your goals.
    One suggestion that has really helped me is keeping a business journal. It keeps me focused and on track. When problems come up, I can right them out. There`s something about clearing what`s in your brain onto a piece of paper. It really calms me down, gives me clarity and starts a solution process for me.
     Well anyways, I`m going on and on. I guess this is long because I know where you are coming from just like everybody else. I just really believe there are always opportunities and anyone can reach their goal if they don`t have a limiting mindset. 
    Take care, 
    Dennis StokesDennis2007-5-16 14:2:57
  • thewealthgangthewealthgang subscriber Posts: 0
    There is still room to make money online, but it certainly isn`t as easy as it used to be. The internet is always evolving and only those who can really understand the business will succeed. That`s not to say that it`s ever too late though - it`s just not the good old days anymore.
  • thesologuidethesologuide subscriber Posts: 0

    I see that this thread began two years ago. I wonder if any of the participants here would change their response if the same question were posed to them today.


    Not only can you make money online today, but the opportunities will continue to grow. Yes, the opportunities will change, but they are still there – whether that is teaching others the latest in online marketing strategies and sales techniques or applying these capabilities to other offline businesses.


    All the Best,


    Doug Dolan
  • yoursavingsyoursavings subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes of course it is. You must offer your leads and prospects something in this economy that is low cost, has tremendous value, and has a compensation plan that is worth your time. Then you must create laser targeted leads of oppty buyers and NOT oppty seekers. Leverage your time wisely and then leverage other peoples money wisely.
  • grokillagrokilla subscriber Posts: 1
    The internet is just a tool. Like a hammer, it can be used in a wide array of applications.
    Hammers are old. But, does that mean they can only built "old style" homes? Of course not.
    Your question can be answered best by not focusing so much on the "tool", but the goals and ideas that you have. It seems you want to build something new and different - but you don't know what that looks like. Right?
    Ask yourself this. When you researched your ideas for a business, where did you go on the internet? And why those websites? I'm guessing you were looking for information.
    That's great news. Why? Because you can create your own content. Provide visitors with something they just can not find anywhere else - your highly specialized information.
    People just want to hear a good story. Whether your selling #1 Japanese Cucumbers grown on the northshore of Oahu, or picture frames.

  • LeighsApplesLeighsApples subscriber Posts: 0
    Since having my son I have been working mostly from home. Its not like my idea was never done before, I have just been doing things with the highest quality products and charging the most reasonable price I can. As a result I have a loyal customer base which is constantly growing and I have been able to quit my day job and do something I love from home.
    So I make gourmet apples, you can see my store in my signature. The site the store is at really helped me too, makatto.com, it gave me a lot of traffic and my apples a very professional look.

    Best of luck to you, there are a lot of great resources out there and plenty of good ideas left!
  • watchhimymwatchhimym subscriber Posts: 0
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  • GertoGerto subscriber Posts: 0
    I think there are still lots of opportunities to make money online.On the other hand, I think it's very very hard to "make money online FAST". Most people are looking for a fast way to make money and will bail out if it requires a lot of work.
    Focus on how you can add value. Maybe you have a specific hobby and when buying something new you spend a lot of time doing research online about a product you're looking to buy.
    Now, think about how, with the results of your online research, you could save the next person looking for the same product some time by summarizing it. What did you learn about the product that you didn't like and what did you like? Where can you add value for someone else?
  • ervinepop1ervinepop1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Look at it like this, business has been around for thousands of years... starting somewhere in the mesopotamia, or something like that. I am sure a historian (or a quick google search) can correct my time-line... My point is this, now, a thousand years later, businesses are still opening, profiting, and discovering. The Internet is merely 17 years old.... (Ok know it originated much earlier than that, but it wasn`t devised as a destination for the common person until what? Maybe the early 90`s.)
  • bizmarketingbizmarketing subscriber Posts: 1
    It was Id say easy to make money online 2 years ago when the google algo doesnt change that often. You could make money with adsense, enough moolah to support your family. But if you are to follow the same business model, be careful and be strong. I mean you could have a website on the top of the result page earning a lot and the next month google could change algo and your on the 2nd or 3rd page with 0 earnings.
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