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Looking for a DIY Affiliate Software program

MahoganyBooksMahoganyBooks subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2013 in Marketing
Hello All,
I am looking into the various types of Affiliate Software available to help me set up a do it yourself affiliate program.  My priorities for the software are:Low maintenance: Once my web guy sets it I need it to not to cause me any headache and do what it is supposed to do with NO fuss.Track Sales: I want to set up fundraisers with some local non-profits that allow the purchases of particular books to fund a scholarship program.  The trick is I want it to be flexible enough to track sales for particular SKUs depending on how we set up the
Based on the features of JAM JROX, iDev, & Post Affiliate Pro they all seem like viable products; however, I was hoping to get some objective real world perspectives on the subject.
I am also open to other ideas that will help me.  Please keep in mind that we are a two person operation and our operations budget is next to nothing.  I am hoping to create awareness of website by signing up bloggers and other literature based entities as an affiliate to spread the word to our target market without having to spend money per click or impression.  Because we sell books to a niche market without a true market leader word of mouth marketing should help us develop a strong customer base with out spending huge sums of cash on advertising.
Thanks for all of your help.
DerrickMahoganyBooks1/20/2009 10:41 PM


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