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I have an online business but I`m stuck!!

AgnysseAgnysse subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hi All,
I`m a newbie with e-commerce. I`ve worked more than 15yrs in offices/management etc. I started my hobby in January 2005 and have been designing and creating accessories with interests in crafts, stencillings etc. I`ve home business ideas but lack funds to start.
Started an online accessory business since June 2007 but am stuck. I have yet to have a single sale since then.
Just started with Google pay per click and I`m thinking that I`m not doing enough to give my home business a jump start. Feeling helpless and mind too clouded with all the information which can be found online and am not an IT wizard either although I`ve managed to design and set up my own website. Everything has been a `hands-on` learning for me and my brains are `fried`.
So..feeling stuck is the situation now. Am seriously thinking of going back to workforce or work for some company or someone else with my newfound skill on accessory designing and hoping to go into silver smithing sometime. It would be nice to be able to work with someone and learn new skills at the same time as I do tire of doing the same thing over and over again.
Well, that`s how I pour out my `redundant` state of being for now. Any ideas or lessons from other Entrepreneurs are welcome. Thank you for reading this post.
Happy 2007 to Everyone!


  • AgnysseAgnysse subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for replying, Jennifer.
    I`m at http://www.agnysse.com
    I have yet to experience local craft fairs or flea market kind of selling as I`ve just been here in USA for a year. Finance is usually the obstacle for now as we have just managed to find a car for mobility. Agnysse Accessories is being registered at other local websites etc. and I`m looking into other online stores like netshops etc.
    Hope to learn more from here. Am sure that the market for accessories are very saturated right now. I`m looking into other business like wholesaling ..for example. Like I mentioned, my brain need a short respite for now..so...decided to look for help here instead of pacing the floor.
  • nolimits2wealthnolimits2wealth subscriber Posts: 1
    Why don`t you look at joining a company with mentors and a system that helps you,so that you never have to battle it out on you own.
    It certainly helps you to stay focused and the system is so simple a 6 y/o could start a business.
  • AgnysseAgnysse subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you Everyone for the input. I`m learning more each day here.
    I was advised by another website master not to include my products on the home page/index and to leave it plain and simple with introduction to Agnysse. I guess that there are alot of ideas & plans which I will have to work it out myself.
    Personally, I would prefer to just go straight to the point and sell my designs and be direct about it..but was advised against it. I will have to do another summary and will keep on changing the summaries till it `feels` right.
    Doing it with mentors and a system would mean that I have to `fork out` some money to start..which I do not have...so..I guess..battling it out on my own would be the thing to do.
    I will have to go back to the workforce sometime soon otherwise I won`t have food on my table.
    Well..that`s it for now. Once again, thank you for the input.
  • russbrussb subscriber Posts: 3

    Doing it with mentors and a system would mean that I have to `fork out` some money to start..which I do not have...so..I guess..battling it out on my own would be the thing to do.

    Are you unfamiliar with SCORE? Check them out for FREE mentorship from other entrepreneurs and professionals. They work a lot with the SBA, and I have used them before. Great bunch of people there! I am sure you can find the specialized help that you may need there.http://www.score.org/index.html
  • AgnysseAgnysse subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Craig,
    No, this webmaster is not the designer for my website nor my accessories. He is someone who helps newbies to design their own website and I happened to ask for his opinion on my website and the layout, user-friendly style etc etc.
    I had some products shown on the index page but I changed it. I will keep on changing the design at least twice a month (when I have the time) so that customers/visitors do not get bored with the frontpage. I do like changes myself so..it is an ongoing situation.
    I guess that some men prefer simplicity and to keep the page simple and right to the point. I am not worried about it as I do tend to change it every now and then. My colour interests do change from time to time and all these changes will keep the website interesting.
    Thank you for investing your time on this issue. It is an ever changing issue and will experiment with more ideas as time goes by. I intend to keep this home business going even if I were to find a full time stable job. Right now, I`m going to learn more skills like wire sculpting and would like to explore more into this area. Hopefully, I will produce some `money making` designs for people to enjoy instead of concentrating on my own ideals.
    Like I mentioned before, I am always open to new ideas and new way/method of designing. Learning new skills are never enough for me and I am one to keep on moving forward and improve whenever I can.
    Thank you all for your input. Wishing Everyone here, a very Happy & Blessed Valentine`s Day.
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