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Refining Elevator pitch, need your input plz

beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
edited November 2007 in Elevator Pitches
Hi All,
I need help with my elevator pitch as people keep asking me, "What is a Saltychixcompany, What do you do"?   I appreciate any and all advice.  
1.  SaltyChixcompany is a beach inspired clothing and accessories company.  We mix fashion with fun in the sun.  
2.  Are you passionate about the beach? So are we.  SaltyChixcompany is a beach inspired clothing and accessories company.  We mix fashion with fun in the sun.  Let us help you bring home some of that breezy beach lifestyle!
3.  We are a beach loving and beach living lifestyle company.  Be Bold, Be Beautiful.    It is all about your `Beachitude`.
4.  Sassy, Classy, Sunny and Funny.
I have many many more little tag lines and such.  I am all over the place and need to stay focused.  I will be using this pitch when selling to local boutiques and shops, I assume in my marketing and PR, and for just generating interest.  
Thank you thank you and again, thanx.
 beachdi2007-11-28 20:12:51


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    GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Wonderful advice Craig as always
    Hey Dianne!!!  Beachitude!!  BRILLIANT!  I can`t wait to see the website.  How is that coming??  I need to get some more stuff to match my fantastic Salty Chix belt.  Salty Chix isn`t a brand, it`s a way of life! 
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    beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    I am tearing up over here, let me go get some kleenex.   ya`ll have such thoughful, honest, smart suggestions!   
    Craig so true so true!  That is why I am having such a problem with my `pitch` and telling people what I am doing.  I was trying too sound too businessyyyyy, which I am not, Which is why in my old fortune 500 world I always proclaimed I was just there for my entertainment value.   I have to get more of my wild personality out there.   I am trying to convey how I want my products to be all about a feeling, the fun you have when you are at the beach.  The passion you feel for it.  Hence the reason I actually broke up with guy who wouldn`t move to the beach.   shhhhh, don`t tell anybody, that sounds kinda mean.    I meet people from all over the world at our lil ol beach.   And I am always amazed at how much they love my part of the ocean.   I want them to bring that passionate fun loving feeling home with them.    And they can display their love of the beach when wearing a Salty Chix tshirt, or shell belt.   My lawyer girlfriend gets stressed when prosecuting cases,so she will just rub on her shell bracelet and remind herself that the ocean is fluid and silky, the salt air is calming, and the sun is warm... and she can make it thru another courtroom case. 
    Leslie - I love Salty Chix isn`t just a brand, it is a way of life.   A passion. 
    Kathy- no I am not shy.   But this business, building a brand has left me tongue twisted.  I can feel it, this company is me, but I am having a hard time conveying it.   
    Some people thought I was going to sell potato chips.   ha ha but that could be in the future.  
    okey dokey, back to the thinking board. All of the above is a novel.                   I am still waiting for CookieMonster and CampSteve opinions.... 
    Salty Chix Dianne
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    beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    Dear Craig-
    You nailed it.   So correct.   When people meet me and I talk about the business my passion does shine through and it is more of a natural flow.   Thank God I had this advice, as TODAY I had to discuss my business with an advertising sales rep for a regional type free newspaper whose demographic is females.   it is called Skirt! (how cute is that) She sounded young and she lives in the beach town up the road from me.   So I just naturally started talking to her as a friend, explained my ideas for my company.   She gave me the advertising rates etc., but only after she had more questions about my company and products and website launch date etc. 
    This conversation flowed much more smoothly because I had read all of the advice from my SUN buddies.    I did not try and use a `canned line` on her or something I had memorized.    Last week I would have tried that and I would have sounded silly and unsure of myself.   
    How did I do this-
    I just pretended we were sitting on the beach, drinking, hanging out and she asked me what I do for a living.    Just like Craig suggested, it was all in my imagination, I could even feel the salty breeze.   It worked and I did not feel nervous or `goofy`
    soooo, I am not worried about this anymore...I can move onto my next set of worries and concerns and task to do.
    See ya in the next post.
    Big hugs and kisses to all who helped me. (just a peck on the cheek, no worries ha ha ha )
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