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Business plan Help, company core strengths etc.

beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
edited July 2007 in Business Planning
I am still working on my business plan.  I am having problems with the part about  `Describe your company core strengths and competencies` 
My main road blocks, are...
1.  How to separate myself from the company.  The company is me, and only me.  I have not started selling any products, so how do I know the strengths etc. of the company. I know my personal strengths and competencies (and lack thereof).
2.  Is a strength that the company will make people laugh?  or feel good about themselves when wearing or using the products?  
I am using the 37 page business plan from the score.org site, (or was it sba)? and I have already completed the simple business plan on SUN. 
I assume one strength is a low overhead and operating cost since I am the only employee, and we are a home based business. 
Any and all ideas/comments graciously accepted. 


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    It is all about S.W.O. T. Strength, Weakness`s, Opportunities and Threats. I have a worksheet. If you want a copy, Pm me and i will send you it. the better you understand the above, the better you can figure out why you stand out or what you need to do so.
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    nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Hi beachdi,
    Your core strengths should focus on the following:
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    beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    Erin - Thank you, the spreadsheets are great
    Nevadascul - ah ha!   that makes sense.   Now I can break it down, and understand. the task approach.
    phewww, what a load off my mind. 
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    JahscoJahsco subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi,I am working on the same section of my biz plan and I am having somewhat of a hard time. Would you mind sharing the worksheet? ThanksJ.
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    elisaelisa subscriber Posts: 1
    This is
    such a great thread and question. I think many new business owners have to
    pause a great while when answering these kind of questions. Especially when it
    comes to a new business.


    A company`s
    core strengths can be characteristics that distinguish you from your
    competitors. If you sell products then some of your strengths can be your
    extensive product knowledge, expert/specialist in your industry, unparalleled
    level of support and customer service. If you sell service then reliability
    hands down, and of course, expert/specialist in your industry, unparalleled
    level of support and customer service.


     A Companies
    Core Competency can be a companies ability to deliver value to its
    customers. What knowledge or skills do you possess that would set you
    apart from the rest. Compare you company to other companies similar to yours.
    What skill sets do you possess that puts you apart. What skill sets could you
    gain that would be most valuable to your customers. Set goals for competence
    building, for example a greater understanding of your industry, of your
    products and your customers wants and needs. Learn new skills or trends in your


    These are just a few examples for you to
    consider and may help you to think of more that would be geared specifically
    for your business. I hope I have helped!
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    beachdibeachdi subscriber Posts: 10
    yes that was helpful.  Just thinking in terms of comparing my company with others.  That is what was confusing me before, I wasn`t thinking of the competition.  I am working on my business plan again this week.  I didn`t look at it last week since it was driving me nuts!
    thank you, everyone is always so helpful.
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    infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I think you need to have a proof of concept in order to show that the product or service is viable by making the first sale. Next you need to demonstrate your ability to sell. Failing which, you might want to start working for a company to gain the required experience and credentials.
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