starting a small electronics import business

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Hi everyone,I`m new here. I`ve been wanting to start my own business for quite sometime now and I think I might have finally found an area that I`m both passionate and knowledgeable in. I`m a big gadget freak, and love all kinds of gadgets and electronics and I`ve found that people like me are willing to pay for unique products that are not yet available in their own countries and I also know which technologies and gadgets are in demand.I`m planning to start it small, possibly small shipments using DHL and sell it on eBay. I have 3 questions:1) How do I find out about additional costs that I might have to incur such as import tax or tariffs?2) What kind of paperworks do I have to worry about, or will it all be taken care of by DHL?3) How do I find out I`m not breaking any law by importing/exporting a product? for example a local distributor might have exclusive right to import a certain product, or it`s illegal to export to a certain country due to trade sanctions. Where do I get that information?Any other thoughts and advice are very welcome.I`ve found this forum to be very helpful and hope that I can launch my business with help from all of you. I promise to give back by sharing my own experiences. Thanks in advance!-Dean ABoston, MA
fireflysix2007-9-21 14:12:42
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