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Need help with a business name!

debweavedebweave subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2012 in Business Planning
Help.. I am looking for a business name.  I have a jewelry business with a best friend.. we do home shows.. we offer affordable, boutique jewelry and purses as well as handmade jewelry.  We are stuck looking for a name that in a few words describes us but sounds "classy".  Would love suggestions...
debweave5/31/2009 9:58 AM


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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    pick something that can be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - and have your lawyer register it.
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    janie_billjanie_bill subscriber Posts: 0
    Many companies hire agencies for doing such work for them like deciding logos, names of schemes, company name, and etc. but basically it is a simple process where you get listing of your competitors so that you do not come up with an already used name. After this you have to look for some catchy phrases or words relating to your profession. Then will remain the final phase of just arranging your liked words into some titles that you can get voted by friends and relatives and make it the name of your company. You can also discuss the title name with agencies by giving your business review and have some editing if needed.
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    FazzerSportsFazzerSports subscriber Posts: 0
    Make a list of at least 20 potential names.
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    christiancolechristiancole subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    There are a lot of possible Brand Names that you may use. Just think of something simple yet unique. If you are looking for the best jewelries on the web, what would you type in the search engine?
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    andrewthomusandrewthomus subscriber Posts: 1
    I am not here to suggest any name. I am here because I am also suffering from the same situation. I have an e-commerce website but I am unable to find a catchy name. I have been doing research since long time and all the names that I found attractive were already registered. If you get any online source that can suggest a name as per my wish. Let me know.
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    andyredsoxandyredsox subscriber Posts: 0
    Think of a business name that best describe your product or you. Business name is quite important. A name that can be easily remembered and a unique one will always do the trick. Discuss it with your business partner. Both of you should contribute for your business's name. Remember, your business name should Identify you.
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