How to post a business proposal?

DeaneasyDeaneasy subscriber Posts: 2
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I need to distribute a business proposal. Not technically a business proposal, but more of a vague pitch, to receive answers I need for the financial aspect of my business plan. I need to know how much a company/organization will pay per survey I distribute for them, so I`ve written a one-page letter with an idea of what my business is about, and my future intentions. In it I encourage businesses to send me offers, so I can see what they think fair, and use the average to gather an idea as to how much my revenue will be. Is there a way to just get this letter out to numerous companies/organizations at once, or must I contact each marketing department one at a time. I`ve already submitted the letter in the marketing forum, but I`m not sure if that`s the way to go. Any ideas? Tips?
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