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Please let us know if our concept is clear enough

TrentoTrento subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Website Critique
Hi,I recently started a business which is aimed at helping any type of company to carry on an online word-of-mouth marketing easily. It`s called www.creamaid.com</A> .We`re yet in beta and testing and experimenting stuff.Please visit our site and see if it is difficult tounderstand our concept.We tried to make the whole thing as clear as possible, but we are not sure whether it is clear enough.Our greatest worry is that the interface and the "howto" pages may not be clear enough to new users.Any feedback would be very welcome.Thanks in advance


  • TrentoTrento subscriber Posts: 1
    ElidS wrote:
    Well done, the pages are a tad to heavy for my taste
    ElidS,Thanks for your comment.Does "heavy" mean that it takes long time to load?Or is it something else?By the way, we`re not yet at the stage of selling stocks We certainly hope we can in the near future Trento2006-10-4 17:4:41
  • TrentoTrento subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks guys for all your comments. I`m flatterred By the way, what do you think about the usability ofthe "widget" itself?It`s supposed to be easy to understand even withoutthe introduction page. Just following through the stepsspecified inside the widget is supposed to be enoughfor understanding how this works.What do you think?If you don`t think it is that easy to get the concept just byfollowing through the widget, what improvements can be made?Again, thanks for all your comments in advance.It means a lot.
  • TrentoTrento subscriber Posts: 1
    Guys, thanks for your kind feedback.By the way, do you have broadband connections?If you DO have broadband connections and this problem still happens, there definitely is some problem. We would have to find out what`s happening.Anyway, thanks for mentioning. I was just worrying aboutthe interface and suddenly I find that we have more problems than just that.
    Thanks for all your help Trento
  • TrentoTrento subscriber Posts: 1
    Does MySpace load well on your computer?If so, I might be in trouble
  • redmaxyredmaxy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi,Looks pretty slick. I do have a Broadband connection but it still was real sluggish loading. Also you need to format your text layout  abit better on the "Benefits" page. Other than that will need to read it a few times to "get it" but maybe that`s just me. Overall though I raelly like the white and clean layout.
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