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Crisis and outsourcing

DmytroDmytro subscriber Posts: 3
Will crisis increase move to outsourcing IT development ? What do You think ?


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    JCConsultingJCConsulting subscriber Posts: 0
    Interesting question. I think the general answer would be "It depends upon the company and vast situations involved". If it could be proven to save the company money, then I would definitely think they would lean to outsourcing.
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    DmytroDmytro subscriber Posts: 3
    Financial, first of all. I think, it could start moving works to regions with cheaper labour. Software development is easiest from all movable work.
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    SandyPISandyPI subscriber Posts: 8
    There are many reasons to outsource your pre-employment background screening no matter if you are a small business or a large company and here is why:

    Much time and energy (which means money) will have to be spent learning and keeping up with the many Federal and state laws that apply to what you can and can not access in background checks.
    More time and energy ($$$) getting the required release forms.
    STILL more time and energy ($$$) must be spent verifying the information provided by the applicant such as former employers, references, and educational institutions, often to spend days playing "phone tag".

    Shouldn`t your employees be spending their valuable time on your business thus your profits?  Of course they should.  I recommend you contact a licensed private investigation agency  that specializes in background checks.  Why?  First of all they will be FCRA,DPPA, and HIPPA compliant and should be able to provide you with the necessary release forms.  They know how to research court records if necessary and contact the parties listed on the application.  All of the licensed private investigation agencies that I know use databases that are only available to professionals such as PIs, attorneys and law enforcement...they are not information vendors that access the same databases on the Internet that you could AND they charge you to do it.
    I hope this helps on one aspect of out sourcing.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at sandy@goldshieldli.com.
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    DmytroDmytro subscriber Posts: 3
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    OrangeHRMOrangeHRM subscriber Posts: 1

    can say from my size that some companies (main small and middle size) will
    consider move their IT paid applications to Open Source ones.

    will happen for some simple reasons:


    support subscription price of an Open Source Software is MUCH CHEAPER than the License
    price of a paid one.


    Open Source software allow the company to have access to the source code and
    make all changes to suit it for their needs (which varies widely from company
    to company in the SMB market) or make the software integrate with any other


    legal requirements, contracts or loyalty contracts are needed, making the acquisition
    process easier and faster.

    Just take a look in this
    interesting article http://weblog.infoworld.com/openresourc ... e_erp.html and keep your eyes in
    companies as OrangeHRM, SugarCRM, OpenBravo, Linux, MySQL, Pentaho etc. All of them
    are Open Source, provide stable and good software and have been experiencing a
    huge growing in the past years.

    Summarizing my opinion, neither outsourcing IT neither keep home based solutions. The trend will move to new License Models as GPL (General Public License) and others similar.








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