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New Affiliate Site Launched - SEO & Marketing Ideas

AlbertoAlberto subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Website Critique
Hello everyone. I just launched a new site, www.blue-devices.com which is an Amazon.com affiliate site specializing in Bluetooth headsets, headphones, and hands free car kits.
I plan to add articles and more information to help customers learn more about the technology and available products to help them ultimately find what they are looking for on the site. I`d like some general feedback and how I can generate traffic for the site since I`m not planning to run a blog or have user generated content.
Since we`re brand new we`re not listed in any search engines yet so SEO is an area I`ll be investigating as well as any marketing ideas to generate traffic as I build out the site over time.
Alberto10/11/2008 1:32 AM


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Very clean look, I like the colors, overall it seems pretty sharp. The spinning image gallery(?) is a great touch, I haven`t seen that before but would love to get the code for it.
    I think it would be helpfuk to get more textual content along with your products. As you say, some people aren`t knowledgable about Bluetooth ( including me ) so for the most part it`s hard to know just what I`m looking at or what I need to look at.
    Even when you get listed in search engines, you still need some help on SEO. You`re missing meta tags that could be useful ( descriptions and keywords ).  The tags for your stylesheet is out of place. You should have your img alt tags filled in with keywords or prodtcs descriptions. In short, a lot of thebasics are missing, and those will make a huge difference in your search results.
    You`re also working with a ton of tables,, which isn`t the best method, and creates a lot more code. That reduces your content to code ratio, another SEO aspect. You need a lot of tweaking to be W3C compliant.
    Basically, it`s nice, but needs additional textual information, and same basic SEO and code work.
  • AlbertoAlberto subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for taking a look and for the great feedback. The carousel product listing is a Flash widget from Amazon.com`s associate program, thought it integrated pretty well with my site.
    It`s great to get confirmation on my next steps to create more textual content and guide users on both the technology and products. I hope to have this new content in pretty soon and will hopefully impact our ranking by the time we are listed on the search engines.
    As I mentioned SEO is still pretty new to me so I appreciate the suggestions and I`ll be reviewing the tags on the site and keyword placement. I can`t do a whole lot about the tables because they are dynamically generated by the software I`m using but I see your point about code to content ratio.
    I`ve tested the site and it displays properly on the major browsers. I`m not sure how much I`ll try to be compliant with W3C in terms of the code validation since even Amazon.com doesn`t validate and I`m using alot of their code for links/ads.
    I`d also appreciate any comments on marketing the site beyond SEO since I`m still developing that strategy and want to have other ways to generate traffic and not just rely on the search engines. I`m investigating the Google Adwords program but would also be interested in any ideas for free or relatively inexpensive marketing online.
    Thanks again!
    Alberto10/12/2008 1:57 AM
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