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Growth Cities

DavidT2190DavidT2190 subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2008 in Business Planning
I’m a freelance writer for BusinessMart.com and FranchiseBuyersNetwork.com.  I’m seeking opinions as to which markets and metropolitan areas are considered to be the growth areas of the next few years.


Most people I talk to are thinking that the Sun Belt (Florida, Atlanta, Carolinas, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah) and the PacificCoast (Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Seattle) will continue to lead the way.  But recent travels and online newspaper and business magazine articles suggest that some Northeastern and Midwestern cities, including Boston, Philadelphia/South Jersey, Washington/Capital Beltway, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis/St. Paul might be part of the wave of the future.


Does anyone here have any thoughts on expanding this list, or perhaps narrowing it down?


  • thehardwarecitythehardwarecity subscriber Posts: 2
  • DavidT2190DavidT2190 subscriber Posts: 1
    Las Vegas would count as part of "The Sun Belt." I was there a few years ago, just as they were starting their revamp from high-roller, "connected guys" town to family-tourism town.
    The fact that Nevada still has so much open space helps, but it`s desert, and even with air-conditioning, that might be a drawback.  So it`s a candidate, though I don`t know if it`s the best candidate.  My company does have a few customers there, though.
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