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Read a Marketing Book!

DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
edited December 2008 in Marketing
Perusing this forum I`m absolutely astounded at the lack of basic marketing knowledge displayed by many of the members.
Yes, I know you come here to learn, but a forum is not always the best place to do that. Sometimes you have to pick up a good marketing book and read it.
No, I`m not talking about a how-to-make-money e-book.
I`m talking about a "real" book that you can actually hold in your hands, that teaches you about the techniques and fundamentals of marketing.
When was the last time you read a real marketing book?
Don`t get me wrong, I`m not knocking forums. They have their place.
But nothing beats learning from a good marketing book.
You should try it sometime!
I just finished reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin.
David Jackson
DavidJackson12/28/2008 7:40 AM


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