The Importance Of Criminal Background Check

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A criminal check is a part of the background check done for pre-employment screening. A criminal background checkbackground check has become an inexpensive way of legally obtaining details about a person. The details of the person can even be provided to the companies through their websites online and the results would be produced as soon as possible depending on the extent of the background check required.
A criminal check can be done by investigating the criminal history of the person that would be recorded in the criminal record manuals of the courts. Each state would contain the details of all the individuals having a criminal background in their respective courts. A nationwide search might prove to be tougher since there is no general national database being maintained and open to the public that might provide the list of all the criminals in the country.
Since state records are only able to provide the criminal history of a person in that state, it might be difficult to rule out the option of that individual having committed some crime in some other state. The only option would be to believe that a criminal would not move too far away from their home to commit a crime.
A criminal check begins with the verification of the personal details of the individual. Authentication of the SSN might be able to provide some valuable information about the person. With the help of this information, the criminal check is made easier and might produce quicker results. However, this might sometimes be misleading since a fake SSN can be purchased on the street and, unless a check is conducted, it would be next to impossible to verify the authentication of that particular SSN.
Along with the SSN, the person`s credit history and driving history can also provide some valuable information that might prove useful during a criminal background check
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    Criminal Background checks? Although, they are a good thing to have, I would not use it on any of my employees. Here is the reason why. When you come for an interview, I am expecting you to be honest with me which is why I ask, have you ever been arrested? or convicted of any crimes? I am expecting for the employee to tell me. I would rather hear it from him than having to seach a national database. I am also aware that, hey.. life is tough, Im not going to disqualify you because you had some dings along the way. As long as you have the COJONES to tell me is what I am looking for. It takes more of a person to stand up to their mistakes than to lie or have to pay to get a background check. So I don`t know if your posting was a marketing or Sale... I disagree with your statement.
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    Yeah, I can totally understand why a graphic designer needs to pass a background check. ????? What are you going to do, go crazy and draw a stick figure with a sub-machine gun or something? HAHAHAHA!!! Now this was a good one.... Hey she might use all the sticky notes drawing animations on the corners and watching them move.... Hey now that`s an expense since they`re what a $1.50?Why would a huge corporation even waste their money on a graphic designer? The only time I got a background check was when I used to work for the Government. In that case I can understand why, since I was working on the Military Airplanes computer systems... Other than that... You have to be an equal opportunity employer. As a matter a fact, I hate when I interview people and they come in a suit. I like people to be themselves, if you want to walk in with slippers... let it be! I trust someone in slippers more than a suit. Like my father always says "If you shave a monkey and put him in a tuxedo, he`s still a monkey" Same goes with background checks... If you hide behind a suit, you still commited the crime... Doesn`t serve any purpose other than trying to impress me... But BrandAlchemy... That was a good one... I can already picture her drawing stick figures or better yet... Draw a gun on a piece of paper, and go stick up your partner for an eraser...
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    on some point we cannot throw a way background checks. but it depends also how background checking be use.,
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    In general, I think it`s in society`s best interest to not look too deep on an applicant`s criminal background. The unwillingness to hire excons is why they seem to never reform. Unless the applicant is a fugitive with a warrant on his head, he`s served his time and is square with society. That should be that. If an excon is applying for a job to live a normal, honest life, it`s counterproductive to say to him, "No, you committed a crime in the past. If you want money in this town, you`re gonna have to steal it. We don`t hire ex-cons trying to reform their ways." It punishes the wrong group of excons. We should be looking to make life difficult for the ones who aren`t looking for honest work - not the ones who are.
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