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Will this classified ad bring traffic to my sife?

dlakeydlakey subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Marketing
I am looking at running the following ad in a local news paper the weekend before Valentines day.  This newspaper circulation of over 30,000 readers.  My primary goal is to create curiosity and drive traffic to our as yet locally unknown site. 
Is she tired of the same old flowers and candy for Valentine`s day?  This year give her the gift of pleasure. For more information please visit www.electricsensations.com</A>.  Over 18 only please.
Any ideas that would either shorten the copy down to about 25 words, or to increase the curiousity draw would be appreciated.
One other thing, is a web url considered one  word or three?
thanks a million, this site is great.
Dan Lakeydlakey2007-1-30 19:34:25


  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    Valentine`s Day!  Flowers?  Done that!  Candy?  Been there! Give the gift of pleasure!  www.electricpleasure.com</A>  Over 18 only!
    Of course .... the url pretty much gives away your product. 
  • dlakeydlakey subscriber Posts: 1
    I would like to thank everyone for their fine comments and please keep them coming.
    Pokerman, I really liked the conciseness of your ad.  But what about adding "It`s" at the beginning.
    "It`s Valentines Day!  Flowers? Done That!  Flowers?...ect
    Michael T. I thank you for your comments also.  I would like to mention that I include the over 18 only in the ad not for the purpose of drawing those under 18 but strictly for the purpose of increasing the curiosity of those OVER 18.  I know it would work for me. 
    Although the name does give some indication of the nature of the business, it certainly does not tell the whole story, and that missing bit of information is what I am hoping people come looking for.
    The comments from Cartess to start the ad now and continue to run indefinitely are certainly noted and I am seriously thinking of moving up my start date since I have recently received a small financial infusion.  As far as continuing a similiar ad on an ongoing basis that is certainly a possibility if I have a decent conversion rate.
    As far as our motives for "driving traffic to our site," our motives are the same as any one else who advertises, we are here to sell the benefits of our product.  No more and no less.
    Once again, please keep the comments and classified ad copy coming.  I am thinking this could turn out to be a very inexpensive advertising medium to plant the seeds for the word of mouth advertising.  And word of mouth advertising is what I hope will carry us into the future.
  • bmwsmitybmwsmity subscriber Posts: 1
    I think the question that needs to be addressed here isWill the right prospect see your ad in the paper?Driving traffic is fine and dandy, but if none of that traffic converts, what do you have?  A BIG BANDWIDTH BILL.  Nothing else.For certain products, classifieds can work, however, I`ve never heard of a successful classified campaign for a website.I think in terms of ROI, you would be better off with Pay Per Click.Look at it this way:33,000 circulation.  You MIGHT get a 1% response rate, meaning 1% visit your site.  330 people.  Then, you MIGHT get a 5% conversion rate, with a stellar product.  That`s roughly 16 sales.So if your product nets you $10 profit before marketing costs, you`ll maybe break even.However, with PPC, you are reaching possibly 200,000 searches (just a wild guess), which are people who are looking for what you have (given you choose keywords wisely).Out of those 200,000, say 2% click.  That`s 4,000.  Say then, you get a 5% conversion rate.  That`s 200 sales.If you profit $10 per sale, that`s $2,000 profit.If you are in a highly competitive segment (if it`s 200,000 searches, it`s competitive), you`re Average Cost Per Click could be $5.  So, you`ve then netted $1,000 profit after marketing.Keep in mind, also, that the bandwidth you are using is going to be INTERESTED prospects, not just anyone.Additionally, you will have concrete ways to track your campaign...not just a shot in the dark trial and error approach.  You will have at your fingertips statistical data on click through rates, number of searches, average cost per click, specific keyword performance, and conversion ratios.In marketing, tracking is vital.  With classifieds, you have virtually zero ability to track.Just a thought.Hope this helps.
    bmwsmity2007-2-1 10:19:50
  • dlakeydlakey subscriber Posts: 1
    Well first of all thanks to the excellent advice from everyone.  Things are moving forward with our start-up. 
    I would like to address a couple of questions which were raised concerning the operations of our business.  First of all to adress Michael T.`s question about other people using the Sybian after someone else, apparantly the young starlets such as Cameron Diaz and other who have ridden the Sybian on the Howard Stern Show do not have a problem with riding the machine after someone else.  And for that matter, to the best of my knowledge they only have one attachment which they use with all the girls on the Howard Stern Show.  By contrast every individual who rents a Sybian from us receives a brand new unused attachment which is theirs to keep.  In addition to this, our machines receive a thorough inspection and 3 step cleaning process between every rental.
    Secondly, concerning the use of classified ads to attract interested parties to our website.  When we initially started forming this business, we set a goal for customers which we called the 10% of the 29%.  To explain this, in a survey conducted by the Berman cernter of Chicago, it was shown that 29% of all women use a vibrator to meet their needs on a "regular basis."  Our goal is to attract just 10% of this 29% to rent our machine just 1 day per month.  These women are already comfortable enough with their bodies that they are not likely to have any mental blocks when it comes to the use of a vibrator.  In addition to this, we believe the Sybian is absolutely the BEST machine every made to deliever the benefits of female orgasm. 
    With this said, by using the classified ad, we are hoping to set the seeds for our business.  Because although I know that not every one that reads the ad or visits the website are going to convert, the more important question to ask is how many of these people are going to mention it to someone else.  You must remember, I live in a relatively small town (50K pop) in the south.  A Sybian rental business IS a brand new concept in this town.  By running the classified ad, I hope to create a word of mouth marketing campaign with will ultimately reach the 10% of the 29%.
    Well once again, thanks for the comments, and please keep them coming, both positive and negative, I learn from them all.
    Dan Lakey
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