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Hey You Imbiciles...Yeah YOU

DjDaleDjDale subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in Thought Leadership
Now that I have gotten your attention please listen.
A while ago I solicited some freelance artists to see some portfolios to hire some for projects relating to my T-Shirt business www.thetfactory.com</A>
I did have some response, but most were reluctant to show me ANYTHING, as they were afraid of getting their works INFRINGED.  Here is an email to me from an one artist:
Dale,  I`m sorry I won`t be sending my samples. I am no longer participating on this website. I have helped a few people on startupnation.com and have gotten nothing in return (not even a thank you) they have taken my ideas and that was it...After I fine tuned some artwork/concept ideas for them they took it and ran, not to be heard from again. I`m sorry, but for me, they`ve ruined this website and I no longer trust it`s members.I know you`ve done nothing wrong but I would suggest finding another entrepreneur family.
Sad, sad, sad. Not only does this ruin any relationship I could develope, it gives Startup Nation a slap in the face.
Too bad there are business `owners` (I use this term loosely) who think stealing is a way to lower expenses (A.K.A. Imbiciles). Sad, sad, sad.
To all you artitsts, I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO! Keep on creating! You make the world beautiful to look at!
Dale Schumaker
The T-Factory
 DjDale2007-7-16 0:51:27


  • DjDaleDjDale subscriber Posts: 2
    Not whining. Sorry to come off so harsh.  I haven`t been on here in a long time, so I do have better things to occupy my time.
    This is not a unique incident.  I have had several artists relay the same problems ON THIS SITE.  You are right, one bad apple don`t spoil the whole bunch.  Apologies to all the good apples.
    Sorry, now back to my regularly scheduled life.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Camp Steve, I use "simmerdown" too... from SNL.... very funny!
    There should of been some kind of system in place, to charge for spec work, if payment was expected. If the folks did not want or like the artwork, then that is their choice. If something was done inkind or for no cost, then there should of been no expectantcies. You have to have a system that works with a current goal. If the goal was to get folks excited by the artwork in order to buy tshirts, then hey, maybe that did not ahppen. Set up a pricing section for spec work on command or folks will have to use their own artwork. If something was offered for free , then leave it at that. I have helped a few folks here out at no cose, and i honestly did that will no motives of getting in return. I wanted to, i had the time, and i like helping people succeed. If I wanted to be paid, then we talk about that first so there is no miscommunication, alwardness and bitter feelings. Just because someone feels like they are doing something nice, doesn`t mean it will automaticly turn into something more. I think that the communication should of been by your t-shirt company about what was expected, instead there was akwardness created and it probably ended up hurting you the most. The guy may of expected more...maybe you led him to believe this would bring him payment...and it did not. So next time, have a system in place and spell everything out and never make someone feel like they will get something in return unless it is 100% true. Also never expect people to pay for work they never agreed to. Hopefully this was a good lesson and you will build a better system.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Also , if what he says is true, and he sees that his work is being used w/out license to do so, then he has recourse. But it sounds as if the folks maybe just were not interested. Also he can format his work so that it can not be "stolen".
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I think it`s just a matter of perspective. There are probably several people in business that do things nice. I am sure some of them reside here. There`s also likely to be people who expect things when nothing should be expected. All in all. I just let that kind of stuff fall to the side. What did Mom say? If you can`t say something good, don`t say anything at all. After all, there is no need to give negative comments power.If a negative comment is made about a subject which we have an ability to improve, then fine, just quietly improve it. If it`s a negative comment about a subject which we have no ability to improve (the actions of many), it falls the the side... defused. A simple... "sorry to hear that." Should be enough.But it is too bad there isn`t 100% agreement on how a business should be run from beginning to end. Then we would all be happy, right?
  • DjDaleDjDale subscriber Posts: 2
    @Steve:  I think your work is incredible.  Very nice porfolio
    @everyone else: After a few nights sleep, I realized I was generalizing too much.  A few pieces of facts do not necessarily make a trend, so I do apologize.
    My suggestion to artists is put a copyright watermark on all your submitted proofs, ideas, and sketches.  Make sure you prospective client knows you are just making specs and anytime spent on a project after that, there will be art fees paid in advance.
    Good luck to all,and great Site guys.
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